Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mary Kate & Ashley - Paper Me Pretty Blush Sheets

I was convinced after reading the Musey's entry on these blush sheets from Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. Haha! I even had to meander to more than one Wal-Mart to find these! FYI - I found these at the Everett Wal-Mart for you readers in WA. For about $4, you get 50 glamour sheets. The blush loaded on these papers is a bright, but wearable pink on my skintone. One drawback to some gals may be the high dose of shimmer, but I found it to be really pretty!

I think I would have preferred a hard plastic case instead of the paper carton that these come in. The blush infused on the paper can seep out and make a mess! I wouldn't recommend putting these in your to-go make up bag without the entire package being enclosed in a ziploc.

And this is the blush on the apple of my cheek. All I needed was a couple of swipes to add some color and shimmer. This can be definitely used on other areas such as above the brow to highlight and to add some shimmer on your décolletage.

The other On The Go Makeup Sheets included another blush, a bronzer and a shine blotter. I wasn't drawn to those. I also wasn't drawn to a majority of their other make up due to the high content of chunky glitter. My Candy Kid days are over and I prefer finer glitter on some nights out. But I did pick up an eyeshadow trio fromt he MK/A Olsen line that I'll review later on. I also sent this and an eyeshadow trio to Ms. B, so I hope you enjoy these treats! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Smashbox Friends & Family!

SBFF08 gets you 20% off your order - until November 30th! Its too bad their lets do lunch promotion can't be combined with this offer. If you order on Tuesdays & Thursday from 9 AM - 2 PM (PST) , a full size product of the day will be added to your order for FREE! Tuesday's free gift was an eyeshadow in Digital which looks like similar to MAC's Parrot. With every order you get to choose one deluxe size sample. I ended up choosing O-Gloss. :)

This is what I had initially wanted. Rapture Eyeshadow & Brush set. But they were sold out! Bummer! Like I need more eyeshadow anyway. But you can never have enough! And you get 2 full size PINK handled brushes!
What I ended up getting. Rapture Lipgloss Set. As if I needed more lipgloss either. Haha! See The Muse's review on the set. A breakdown of $4.80 per gloss. That's a steal! Plus I got 20% off too!

Sephora must have seen my rant...

because they gave me a $15 coupon to use. Granted I have to spend $35 to use the coupon. You sucker me in and then add stipulations. Bastards. Haha! Ok, I'll utilize your coupon, but if my order falls through again, I won't be pleased.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

So I'm finally done with one class and now one more to go? I was way behind on my papers and somehow managed to still pull a B in my class. I turned in all my papers for the past 6 weeks last night. AHAHAH! 11th hour past the 11th hour. That is how I do. Well, I am overdue in posting my goodies from Tammy at Portrait of a Lady.

Woo hoo! I see some new make-up brushes! I agree with Tammy - ELF eyeshadow brushes are a great affordable find! I like to have several brushes for different colors. Yes, I am that picky about which brushes touch certain colors. Hahah!

Hard Candy Kalidescope Eyeshadow Palette - Look at all those pretty colors! This is definitely going into my make-up bag that I take to work. It has neutral shades as well as some brighter colors. I will try and do an EOTD with this palette soon.

Cibu Shampoo and Conditioner - I'm actually going to try these tomorrow! I'm heading to the gym in the AM and need to pack my toiletries. Tammy has raved about the Cibu hair care line and I'm excited to try!

I got it! I remember in one of Tammy's vids she mentioned one of us was going to get this nail polish. :D I haven't tried any ELF nailpolish yet! My nails have been bare the past week. I need to give myself a mani tomorrow.

Nail decals! I have this shimmery, white polish that I bought at Daiso that will look good with these decals. I'm fond of the swirly designs and the snowflake looking ones. Hmmm....winter nails of the day coming soon?
Thanks again Tammy for hosting the contest and for the goodies! xoxox Rhondalei

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rant : Sephora

I have placed about 5 orders in the past 2 weeks. You're getting business from me like no other! While I understand there may be issues with their systems in keeping track of stock every now and then, but I was really disappointed when my entire order was cancelled due to THEIR ERROR. This was the email I received today -

Dear Client,
Recently you placed a order (online or by phone) that included product that was discontinued and out of stock.
The discontinued product was reactivated in error and as a result, your order has been cancelled.
The credit card used for the order submission has not been charged. We apologize for any inconvenience to you.
We would like to place a new order for you and as a valued client we want to offer you free ground shipping for your order over $25.00.
Just enter the promotion code SHIPFREE25 in the Promotion Code field at time of checkout. This offer expires 11/23/08 at 11:59pm PST.
Thank you for being a loyal Sephora client.
Sincerely, Client Services

Ummm...ok. You already sent me that promotion code this week in a previous email. Why don't you offer me something else that you haven't already sent me?! You're the one that f*cked up the order and this is all you could offer me? I love how the email closes with "Thank you for being a loyal Sephora client." And in giving thanks to me, you give me something that I could have easily googled or seen elsewhere, oh and it is a code that I ALREADY USED. Grrrr! And none the less, I get a canned email response rather than one from an actual person. Thanks for hiding behind an automated response Sephora! I don't feel like patronizing their store for the rest of the Holiday season. Bastards.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zoya Nail Products

I have seen Zoya nail polishes on a few blogs out there and was curious to try this brand. I'm very much an OPI kinda gal, but I have heard some good things about Zoya and I was reeled in by the promotion of free gifts with purchase. Haha! So Asian. I haven't seen Zoya in any of the beauty stores I frequent so I ordered online.

Your shipment comes packed carefully. I hate those peanuts! But at least they were the biodegradable kine.

Glimmer - I love this shade! I only swatched one coat, but you can build the color with a few thin coats for a more opaque look. For some reason, this bottle seemed less full than the others. :\ Ultra glitzy nude pink gold with glittering multi-color metallic sparkles. $6.50

Matahari on the left and Blair on the right

Blair - this one is my fave. Kind of washed out from the flash. Deep ruby metallic with subtle sparkle highlights. $6

Matahari - I kept smudging this nail, so hence the messy swatch! I was looking for something more purple but this color is still very pretty. Deep magenta purple frost with subtle metallic shimmer. I wish it was more purple like in the picture online. $6

I also picked up the Zoya Treatment Trio Cube. I wanted to try the Color Lock System of Anchor, Armor and Hurry Up. Some say that this system really holds their color down. After trying it, I wasn't impressed. I was chipping a few days after my mani. What I do like are the Hurry Up drops that accelerate drying time. I like my combo of Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps as a base, 2 coats of color and OPI Top Coat. $15

These were the freebies included! Qtica Intense Total Hydrating Therapy and the Remove+. The lotion I keep by the bed and slather on my hands before sleeping. It isn't greasy and makes your hanads soft! The only drawback is that the smell isn't that great. Tolerable, but not something I would purchase.

On the other hand, the Remove+ is an awesome product and I will definitely be purchasing more of this! It takes only one cotton pad to remove polish from 5 nails! I did a comparison with my store brand non-acetone remover, and it took almost one pad per nail to get the polish off! Waste! I plan on ordering the Big Flipper bottle for $9.99 in the near future. It is a push dispenser with a flip-top cap. Less mess and less waste.

Make up and Sushi?

Hahah! Ok, not eating it while doing my make up. I'm sitting on it! I had to get a rug to put under me while doing my make up because someone kept complaining about how colorful the carpet seemed to be getting. :p I have another rug from Ikea, but this one rocks my socks. Sushi rug from Archie McPhees on sale for $8!

Monday, November 17, 2008

28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette & Contour and Blush Palette

I am finally getting around to these and this is because I love my Ms. B and owe her some posts of requests! 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette and Blush & Contour Palette! I ordered the Blush & Contour Palette from Coastal Scents, but I should have waited or at least looked around better because I could have gotten it considerably cheaper! I found the 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette on Ebay and the seller ended up having the Blush & Contour Palette too! Arrgghh! I could have saved SOME money. :p

I apologize in advance for some of the blurry photos. Lack of time, lack of rest and lack of energy to perfect the photos. You won't need exact, up close detail. Plus, you don't want to see my face up close! BAH! I have been having an off month and it really shows. :(

These were some of my faves out of the palette. These were swatched dry with no primer.

I love the range of colors! Its pretty expanse for a neutral palette. Light to dark to in-between!

Just a subtle wash of color all over the lid, accentuating the outer-v and a little bit of the crease. I added a smidge of shimmer just underneath the brow. This is a great palette for a more reserved workplace and/or bridal.

Don't mind the horrid brows! I'm building some growth before I try threading.

Uggh...a bit of baggage under the eyes. Lack of sleep! Check out my lashes though! Lady Lam does an awesome job on my eyelash extensions! I love them!

Here is the Contour & Blush Palette. It comes with 3 highlighters, 1 contour powder and 2 blushes.

This is before the palette.

Here we go with the how-to! Make your fishy face. Or you can just purse your lips if you like. You're going to pick up some contour powder and start from outside in sweeping the color through the hallow area you have created by making your fish face.

Then you're going to shade down your nose on each side and then apply some contour powder under your jawline.

Some slight difference.

Then you're going to take a highlight color and apply down the middle of your nose and above your brow bone

You can also apply some underneath your eyey.

Then add some blush! I went for the more dusty mauve.

A little bit of color on the apples of your cheek.

And we're all done!

These 2 colors are good dupes for MAc's Sculpt and Shape powders. Check it out! First off, the palette is HUGE! I was expecting something along the lines of how small a MAC blush is but see how huge it is compared to my Scuplt and Shape?!

And this is how I am while doing this. Sitting on the floor in a white tank and pink Hello Kitty jammy bottoms. :D

Sunday, November 16, 2008

MAC Passionately Red/Viva Glam: 3 Warm Lips

I had to indulge!! I only picked up one, but I may have to pick up another because my drunk ass lost the brush last night while out and about. :( Sad! I love the colors! It has my favorite Viva Glam V Lipglass! This is the perfect lip compact for going out. Just

What the website says:

Lipstick compact made of deep red snakeskin-embossed metal with a lavish faux jewel. Features two VIVA GLAM VI and VIVA GLAM V Lipsticks, and one VIVA GLAM V Gloss. Includes a black-handled 316 SE Lip Brush. All proceeds from the sale of this Holiday VIVA GLAM compact go to support men, women and children around the world living with HIV/AIDS. Limited edition.

My grubby mitts were all over the box. Haha! Look at the smudges!

Pretty, pretty!

Even prettier!

I am tempted to get the Cool Lips too so I can replace my lost brush. Damn it! I'm so mad! But the Cool Lips is also pretty, pretty as well, so there's no need to pull my arm. :p

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Almay Moisturizing Eye Make Up Remover

$2.00 at Big Lots, so why not? I was drawn to this because it claims that it can remove waterproof and long wearing lip color. I always have a hard time removing MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Color from my lips and hate to waste my favorite Neutrogena remover on lipstick. Even Neutrogena didn’t remove all the traces of Pro Long Wear. The consistency of this remover claims to be gel, but I would have to say this is more of a heavy cream. It really reminded me of Vaseline and it really did feel like Vaseline when I tried to remove my eye make up with it. Yuck! I would suggest not using this on your eye area. This did however hold up to its claim of removing long wearing lipstick and would use this remover for that purpose only.

Just looks like petroleum jelly to me!

I have MAC Pro Longwear on my hand and put remover on the top half.

One swipe and it removed it! There is good use for this! I'll keep it around, but I won't be buying anymore since its not that great.