Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zoya Nail Products

I have seen Zoya nail polishes on a few blogs out there and was curious to try this brand. I'm very much an OPI kinda gal, but I have heard some good things about Zoya and I was reeled in by the promotion of free gifts with purchase. Haha! So Asian. I haven't seen Zoya in any of the beauty stores I frequent so I ordered online.

Your shipment comes packed carefully. I hate those peanuts! But at least they were the biodegradable kine.

Glimmer - I love this shade! I only swatched one coat, but you can build the color with a few thin coats for a more opaque look. For some reason, this bottle seemed less full than the others. :\ Ultra glitzy nude pink gold with glittering multi-color metallic sparkles. $6.50

Matahari on the left and Blair on the right

Blair - this one is my fave. Kind of washed out from the flash. Deep ruby metallic with subtle sparkle highlights. $6

Matahari - I kept smudging this nail, so hence the messy swatch! I was looking for something more purple but this color is still very pretty. Deep magenta purple frost with subtle metallic shimmer. I wish it was more purple like in the picture online. $6

I also picked up the Zoya Treatment Trio Cube. I wanted to try the Color Lock System of Anchor, Armor and Hurry Up. Some say that this system really holds their color down. After trying it, I wasn't impressed. I was chipping a few days after my mani. What I do like are the Hurry Up drops that accelerate drying time. I like my combo of Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps as a base, 2 coats of color and OPI Top Coat. $15

These were the freebies included! Qtica Intense Total Hydrating Therapy and the Remove+. The lotion I keep by the bed and slather on my hands before sleeping. It isn't greasy and makes your hanads soft! The only drawback is that the smell isn't that great. Tolerable, but not something I would purchase.

On the other hand, the Remove+ is an awesome product and I will definitely be purchasing more of this! It takes only one cotton pad to remove polish from 5 nails! I did a comparison with my store brand non-acetone remover, and it took almost one pad per nail to get the polish off! Waste! I plan on ordering the Big Flipper bottle for $9.99 in the near future. It is a push dispenser with a flip-top cap. Less mess and less waste.

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