Thursday, November 1, 2012

Safe Cosmetics - what we really put on.

Do we really know what ingredients are put in our cosmetics? I'm really thinking about the products I currently have and the levels of toxicity from chemicals I am really exposed to. A conversation with a friend yesterday made me think about my collection and what I should really keep and what I should toss. I have found a cosmetics database EWG's Skin Deep Database, currently being updated, and am looking forward to finding out if certain products are safe or not. Will definitely have more on this subject in future posts and hopefully rid of all the toxic cosmetics in my collection!

Here is an awesome guide you can print out and keep on hand when shopping!  I will definitely be keeping this info on me.

EWG's Quick Tips for Safer Cosmetics

Here are some interesting reads.  I'll try to find more independent studies, but these are some that I pulled from online.  I would like to find more information that is gathered from organizations that are not tied to a government agency.  Let me know if you have any info to share or links that may be helpful!

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Lead in lipsticks: Which brands are the worst offenders?

Lipstick and Lead: Questions and Answers