Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pop Beauty Eye Cake - Naked Brown Eyes

For lack of getting together some FOTD/EOTDs, I am finally getting through my backlog of make up that I've collected throughout the months. I picked up this Pop Beauty Eye Cake in Naked Brown Eyes from Ulta awhile back (check out the h**ker nails in the pic!). Included in this palette: Pale pink, baby pink shimmer, rosy-nude with gold glimmer, black-aubergine, peachy-pink sheen.

The only shadow that does not show up very well is the very bottom one. It takes quite a few swipes before I can actually get the color to show up. What's great about this palette is that it is catered to and compliment brown eyes. ;)

Retails for $19.99 & I scored this for 50% off! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

604 Duty Free Find: Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Kit

One of the joys of living close to Canada is the ability to take advantage of Duty Free at the border. Being a former Crown drinker, we often worked the system and brought back SEVERAL bottles for cheap. Haha! Well, I like to peruse the cosmetics section as well and usually end up with a few things since there is NO TAX!

This has to be one of my spendier purchases that I made back in February, but well worth it! This set was just under $90! If you total up each product individually, this set would be well above $150. The damn sales lady convinced me, but my bestie Cat also said that it was a good deal so I gave in.

Included in this set are: Brightening Refining Softener, Moisturizing Emulsion and 6 Brightening Intensive Sheet Masks. I still have some of this product since I don't use it daily. I do love how light the Moisturizing Emulsion is and how it sinks perfectly into my skin. I loooooove the sheet masks and am tempted to pick up more of these, but they have a hefty price tag of $68 at Nordstrom! This did make a difference in making my skintone more even when I was pale earlier this year. I didn't use this line as much during the summer since there is no SPF in the emulsion. That is my only gripe about this set since I prefer my moisturizers to have SPF.

Next time you're at the 604 border or traveling internationally, be sure to check out Duty Free for some good deals! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

NOTW: Toni & Rachel

I went to Julep on Friday to utilize my September PDQ service, got the brows finally waxed, and decided to indulge in a PDQ Pumpking Manicure for $14. I really wanted to try out one of their new Fall colors Toni, which is a purplish gray. For the odd one out I chose Rachel which is a pearly gray from the Girls Of Summer line of polishes. I really like Toni and think I'll buy a bottle at my next visit. :) The only sad thing about my manicure is that pinky nail is chipped. :\ Oh Saturday night debauchery...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Face Shop - Pearl Essential Sheet Mask

A bargainista find at Walgreens. At 2/$5 why not give it a shot? The Face Shop's Pearl Essential Sheet Mask is used to achieve clearer skin. 15-20 minutes on my face, then you massage any remaining product into your face. I would have to use this more than once to see if there are any benefits, but so far so good with my sensitive skin. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

FOTD: Baltic Room

Yes I did name another FOTD after a club since that was my destination for the evening. LOL! Thursday night I was on a good one with plenty of celebrations. I only go out if it calls for an occasion like a birthday. Really trying to cut down the party girl ways and have been pretty good about it! :) I used some of the new make up from Ms. B and love the colors, especially the Glitz eyeshadow duo which is very pigmented and bright! I would primarily use these shadows for going out since they are very shimmery. No disco ball eyelids during the day!

What I used:
-MAC Studio Fix in NC42
-MAC Blush in Margin
-Christian Siriano for VS Beauty Bronzer/Highlighter Trio

-Glitz Eyeshadow Duo - yellow in the crease
-Glitz Eyeshadow Duo - copper in the outer-v & contour
-MAC Evening Aura to highlight the brow bone
-Glitz Liquid Eyeliner on top -Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero to tightline & on lower lash line
-Lancome Cils Booster XL on top lashes
-Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara 2x coats on top lashes and 1x coat on bottom lashes
-Glitz Copper Mascara on tips of lashes (doesn't really show up much. going to have to try and use this again maybe on its own)
-Anastasia Brunette Brow Powder (used both light/dark powders) & set with Brow Gel

-4U2 Express Lipgloss in 08

Super shimmery! These shadows are definitely party shadows! I wish you could really see the detail of the copper mascara on my lashes which was gorgeous! Hopefully the next FOTD or EOTD that I do with this mascara, you can see it in the pics. The liner also has some fine glitter in it. I noticed that the liners Ms. B has sent me have very fine brushes. I layered on about 3 layers of liner to achieve a thick line. The formula is easily buildable and didn't flake at all while I was out!

Here are shots of my smoochers with the gloss. Without and with flash. The 08 is a light pink. Texture is light and doesn't have any weird taste or scent. Definitely a winner!

Ready to go! Now, what to wear?

Friday, September 25, 2009

BKK Haul & very Happy Birthday present from Ms. B!

Ms. B and I recently sent each other overdue packages and in this one she included my birthday prezzie! Wish you could have been here to celebrate girl!

Yay! International mail! :)

Also included in this haul that isn't mentioned below, are a new pair of circle lenses which I haven't had a chance to use yet! I soaked them in Clear Care and then in Aquify and have not touched them yet! Maybe I'll wear them out on Saturday for Round #2 of the Dirty 30. ;) She said that these lenses are more subtle and not so dramatic like some of the other ones that we've seen. Trendy, trendy Asians. Yes, I follow those trends and have a few pairs of those contacts that I wear occasionally. Also, she sent 2 pairs of falsies - one crisscross style and the other in variating long/short. *bats lashes*

Smooth E Babyface Foam Wash - This is great because it is soap free & is gentle! It doesn't suds up which is good since that means there isn't any sodium lauryl sulfate which is an additive that is unneccessary in skincare products!

Mistine Big Eye Waterproor Mascara - I'll try this out sometime after I've gone through my other mascaras. I have a ton of mascara to get through and won't need to buy any soon! Although there are a few that I want to pick up for me and Ms. B! Haha!

Here's what was in this pouch: 2 4U2 Express Lip glosses, Glitz eyeshadow duo, MTi make up base and Glitz Liquid Eyeliner
Glitz Mascara - a cool copper mascara! I'll probably layer on black mascara underneath and finish the tips of my lashes with this.
Swatches of the lipglosses, eyeshadow, make up base and eyeliner.

Guess who is going on my Christmas tree? 4U2 Teddy Love!

AXII Body Speed Chrono Shaping Cream - Miracle in a tube? Hmmm? I'll have to test this out in strategic areas to see if this can smooth and tighten the appearance of unfit areas. Hahah! I would be slathering this all over my body right now.

Natural Collection Tinted Lip Balm - very natural and light

BSC Eyeshadow Quad - Pretty pink & purples! The texture is light & powdery. I would use my UDPP in Sin as a base to add some sparkle.

Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Pearls - I didn't get to swatch this since you swirl the beads with a brush and apply to your face. I'll include this in an upcoming FOTD.

Facial masks and bath milk

My Birthday Present! Jim Thomson tissue pouch with mirror - This is the most famous brand of Thai silk & is a well known designer brand in Thailand. This is definitely going into the purse!

Thank you, thank you again Ms. B for the goodies and sending your love all the way from Bangkok! xoxox

Thursday, September 24, 2009

NOTW: Nails Of The Week - Julep's Lucy & Lippmann's Devil In A Blue Dress

Starting something new! NOTW! Nails Of The Week. I've been doing my own manicures since #1 I'm a ballah on a budget and #2 I stopped getting acrylics done. I do miss having the perfect, fake nails, but they wreck your real nails. DIY manis can be nerve wracking and relaxing at the same time, but I do enjoy spending my Sunday nights doing my nails. I've been doing the "odd one out" nail for a month now. The left ring finger nail. Why? Because it is on that damn finger that's why. Visual reminder of that. *smirk*
I recently just had Pumpkin Glycolic Pedicure at Julep and was given a bottle of the vernis of the color used to paint my toes. The deepest red Lucy from their Fall colors. Great time to have matchy matchy tips and toes, along with the odd one out. I used Lippmann's Devil In A Blue Dress from the Party Like A Rock Star set that was featured in last week's Matte Nails+1 Shiney post.

The odd one out is subtle & I like that! While I did like the run with Sephora for OPI's What's A Tire Jack, matte polishes wear more quickly. I know that my manicure will last this week with maybe a few small chips, but nothing bothersome like last week's manicure.

Tip for cleaning up the edges: dip your orange wood stick into nail polish remover and swipe along the cuticles & sides for a cleaner edge. The vernisseurs at Julep use this method and I found it works better than those "pens" with nail polish remover in them to clean up the edges. Those can be too big for smaller nail beds and you risk smearing!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Korean Cosmetics: Calli Real Color Shadow

I have this obsession with Asian cosmetics. Probably because they are pretty cheap and so inaccessible to me! Ms. B spoils me with some of great brands like 4U2 and Gino McCray...thank goodness for my BKK connection! I really want to do some damage in Japan & Korea though. We're limited to specialty shops here in Seattle and if I happen to come across something different, I'm going to buy it. No doubt when it came to this Calli Real Color Shadow palette. Note: The web page is in Korean. "Clear color eyeshadow with gentle touch." I found this at a small Korean shop at The Great Wall Mall in Renton, WA. Regular price was $28 but she gave it to me for 1/2 off. Not bad! I love that the word "trifling" is on the box. I haven't used that word in a minute! Haha!

I am always drawn to purple shadows because they compliment brown eyes. While I do sometimes purchase some wild colors, I can always count on hues of purple to look good no matter what!

This is not a common occurrence with palettes, there is an actual plastic shield over the product! I wish most palettes had some kind of cover over the shadow that would help protect it from shattering. This palette also came with four sponge tipped applicators which are small, but decent.

The colors are very light and opaque. I would probably use these colors more during the spring & summer. I prefer deeper eggplant and aubergine during the fall and winter.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box - 3 months worth!

Have you hit up My Pretty Pink Box for a fabulous opportunity to try samples & full-sized beauty products? I have! I haven't blogged about My Pretty Pink Boxes because I didn't want to spoil the surprise for Ms. B! I have acquired 3 boxes for us and now finally getting around to digging into the contents!

April - My 1st Pretty Pink Box purchase! So cute that these really do come in pink box that you can reuse.

-Arbonne Aromaessentials Awaken Body Lotion from Natural Organic Body: Light & fresh citrus! This is going in my center console in my car. Absorbs in the skin very well and doesn't leave my hands greasy.

-Organic Chocolate Mocha Shower Gel from 100 Percent Pure: Haven't tried this yet in the shower, but it looks like something that would be fun & sexy in the shower!

-Glamour doll Eyeshadow sample in Rusty: Like liquid copper. I would use this shadow with another rust shadow like UD Gash and dab this in the center of the lid to catch some light. This would be too disco ball all over the lid.

-Garden Botanika Heart So Natural Hand & Body Lotion sample: I love the smell of GB's Heart and find Heart So Natural to be a very lighter version of the original. This is something I would wear during the summer.

-Borghese Intensive Firming Serum: Haven't given this a try yet. The directions state to use after cleansing in the AM & PM.

-The Brush Guard: The mesh sleeve fits over your brushes to keep the bristles in shape. This company is local to the 206 too! The 1/4" Shadow size and the 5/8" Foundation size which I have over my MAC 138 brush. Perfect fit and it keeps the "rosebud" shape of the brush.

-EO Products Everyday Body Lotion in French Lavender: Relaxing & soothing scent. I love the smell of lavender. My favorite scent in my room is lavender & vanilla. This is going on my nightstand to use before bed to help lull me to sleep.

-Pencil Me In Cosmetics Healthy Eyeliner Pencil in Black Velvet: The formula is smooth and easily blendable and smudgeable. The liners are infused with vitamins & anti-oxidants, plus there is a built in sharpener in the cap! These come in an array of colors.

-Vanity Mark the Lash mascara: Full size mascara! This will be one to try in the near future since I just opened a couple from my Sephora Lash Stash. The description boasts that this formula is not too wet, has a healthy sheen, deep blue/black pigment, curl safe and is weatherproof yet removes easily while cleansing your face.

June - There was some leakage in this box due to the Healthy Sexy Hair Serum. :\ Should have been resealed in another bag. I made sure when I sent this to Ms. B to double bag and wrap the bottle in paper towels to ensure that there were no unfortunate accidents.

-Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Nourishing Styling Treatment: Made with Argan oil which has been a trend in beauty and haircare items. Lighter scented than my fave Biosilk, but makes my hair feel just as soft.

-green by nature Peppermint Lip Glaze: It says do not ingest, but I can't help but lick my lips! This tastes good! Haha! 98.8% natural and is 100% paraben free!

-Rosalyn Scent Bella fragrance oil: Smells good, but not something I would wear. If this came in a candle, I would totally buy this!

-NYX Cosmetics Lip Balm in Cherry: My finger in pot rule applies and I will not be using this. *throws in giveaway pile*

-Silk Naturals Smile Eyeshadow & Kisser Slicker Flavored Lip Gloss in Spring Fling: Smile is a shimmery khaki similar to a lot of shadows I already have. *throws in giveaway pile* The Kisser Slicker, ehhh, not a fan of the color. *throws in giveaway pile*

-Beauty Ticket 10% off coupon! Hmmm...what to order for me and Ms. B?? ;)

-Le Baby Inc. Hair Gel: Chemical & fragrance free hair gel for babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin. The consistency is thin & watery. Great for light hold. Not so good for styles that require strong hold.

-Bella Beauty Ooh La La Liner in Cocoa: Automatic pencil with built in smudgie on the end! The formula is smooth and the smugdgie helps to soften and define the line. Similar to one of my favorite VS Eyeliners from when I was working at VS Beauty.

August - I haven't had a chance to send this to her yet, so there may be some spoilers since most of the boxes are relatively the same. ;)

-Revlon Runway Collection Glue-On Nails in Stella: A pretty french mani nude. I might have to use these one night out. You know my run with Mookie Nails. Not so good, but we'll see how these go!

-Orglamix Eyeshadow in Skyline: Looks similar to my MAC Violet pigment. *throws in giveaway pile*

-Skin Free Whipped Tamanu Body Butter: All natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals or preservatives, no petroleum, colorants, animal testing or steroids. This formula is non-greasy and has a light Tamanu scent. A nice lighter feeling alternative to most of the body butters that are out.

-Mineralicious Eyeshadow in Eggplant: Another purple shade pigment. I have a lot of purple shadows already. *throws in give away pile*

-Eyeko Beauty Face Off Cleansing Wipes & 3-in-1 Tinted Cream Sample: The tinted cream is an Eyeko best seller! I haven't tried the Face Off Cleansing Wipe yet, but I love how they are individually packaged! Great to throw in the gym bag or in the overnight bag. *throws in giveaway pile* I'm an Eyeko Ambassador, although I haven't been active...I'm lagging!

-Your Lips But Better Fantabulous Honey Lipbalm: YUM! I love honey products! Smooth on my lips and not too heavy. I like this balm! I wish it did have a lil SPF in it though.

-Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Face Cream For Firmer, smoother, younger looking skin & Active Face Hydrating Gel For clear, blemish-free skin. Haven't tried these yet!

-Appelation Grape seed Moisturizer and Hand & Nail Cream: Haven't tried the moisturizer yet. The Hand & Nail Cream is thick and lightly scented. Very emollient & it smells yummy!

-From Kose USA Sekkisei Mask White & Perfect Clear Gel scrub. Haven't tried these yet, but they sound cool! These help to brighten the complexion while enhancing translucency and firmness. aka WHITEN your face. I guess its time to start fading out the summer tan and these will help!

Monday, September 21, 2009

How you can support Breast Cancer Awareness while being pampered!

I cannot rave enough about how happy I have been with my visits to Julep. They truly provide a wonderful experience in a clean & green environment. To support Susan G. Komen Puget Sound, Julep is hosting Girlfriends' Night Out For the Cure on Wednesdays during the month of October. I have had several relatives that have been affected by breast cancer & breast health issues and have lost a wonderful Auntie 14 years ago from this disease. I have made efforts on my part to support this cause, including running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this past June. I hope that some of you local gals will be able to join me. I will be attending the 10/14 event at the Bellevue location, so please let me know if you will be there! :)

Click image to enlarge & view details

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets!

Spa Week - Julep: Pumpkin Glycolic Pedicure

September 14th - 20th was Spa Week here in the 206! Did any of you enjoy $50 treatments at participating salons? As a last minute treat, I booked a Pumpkin Glycolic Pedicure at Julep on Sunday afternoon. Once again I had the convenience of booking my appointment online, set for 4:30 PM.

Also featured at Julep during Spa Week: Julep Organic Facial, Bikini & Full Leg Waxing and Brazilian & Full Leg Waxing. Definitely a great price for these services!

Description from the website:
"Fall is Pumpkin Spice. Instantly reveal noticeably smoother, softer skin with our Pumpkin Glycolic Peel Pedicure. Our powerful and nutrient rich pumpkin exfoliating glycolic peel reverses the effects of age spots and sun-damage."

I decided to choose a darker shade for my tootsies and retire Dolly. Summer is coming to an end and so is the run with the neon pink. I chose a deep burgandy named Lucy which is just gorgeous! I was really torn between 3 colors, but decided on Lucy in the end. Lucy as in Lucy Liu? :) I also got to keep a new bottle of Lucy vernis too! I'll have matching tips and toes. Yay!

Right after the vernisseur Quyen finished with my pedi. Instead of using toe separators, they use tissue paper and weave it through your toes. More sanitary!

I'm really digging this color! I think next time I'll aim for Victoria which is a more coppery bronze color. The colors you will NOT find on my toes are BLACK/GUNMETAL/NAVY BLUE. This is the darkest I will go. Book your appointment @ one of the 4 Julep locations -