Friday, September 25, 2009

BKK Haul & very Happy Birthday present from Ms. B!

Ms. B and I recently sent each other overdue packages and in this one she included my birthday prezzie! Wish you could have been here to celebrate girl!

Yay! International mail! :)

Also included in this haul that isn't mentioned below, are a new pair of circle lenses which I haven't had a chance to use yet! I soaked them in Clear Care and then in Aquify and have not touched them yet! Maybe I'll wear them out on Saturday for Round #2 of the Dirty 30. ;) She said that these lenses are more subtle and not so dramatic like some of the other ones that we've seen. Trendy, trendy Asians. Yes, I follow those trends and have a few pairs of those contacts that I wear occasionally. Also, she sent 2 pairs of falsies - one crisscross style and the other in variating long/short. *bats lashes*

Smooth E Babyface Foam Wash - This is great because it is soap free & is gentle! It doesn't suds up which is good since that means there isn't any sodium lauryl sulfate which is an additive that is unneccessary in skincare products!

Mistine Big Eye Waterproor Mascara - I'll try this out sometime after I've gone through my other mascaras. I have a ton of mascara to get through and won't need to buy any soon! Although there are a few that I want to pick up for me and Ms. B! Haha!

Here's what was in this pouch: 2 4U2 Express Lip glosses, Glitz eyeshadow duo, MTi make up base and Glitz Liquid Eyeliner
Glitz Mascara - a cool copper mascara! I'll probably layer on black mascara underneath and finish the tips of my lashes with this.
Swatches of the lipglosses, eyeshadow, make up base and eyeliner.

Guess who is going on my Christmas tree? 4U2 Teddy Love!

AXII Body Speed Chrono Shaping Cream - Miracle in a tube? Hmmm? I'll have to test this out in strategic areas to see if this can smooth and tighten the appearance of unfit areas. Hahah! I would be slathering this all over my body right now.

Natural Collection Tinted Lip Balm - very natural and light

BSC Eyeshadow Quad - Pretty pink & purples! The texture is light & powdery. I would use my UDPP in Sin as a base to add some sparkle.

Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Pearls - I didn't get to swatch this since you swirl the beads with a brush and apply to your face. I'll include this in an upcoming FOTD.

Facial masks and bath milk

My Birthday Present! Jim Thomson tissue pouch with mirror - This is the most famous brand of Thai silk & is a well known designer brand in Thailand. This is definitely going into the purse!

Thank you, thank you again Ms. B for the goodies and sending your love all the way from Bangkok! xoxox

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