Friday, February 27, 2009

Question for Leilei - I think I need more brushes but I’m not sure what to get! Any advice?

Hello! And I know its been quite awhile since I have updated. Many products have been sitting & waiting or me to use and abuse them, but before I get into that, my girl LRB is branching out and exploring more make up options and needed some advice on what brushes to use. I gave her a quick run down of my basics that I keep in my bag with me.

My basics for brushes include:

ELF Studio flat-top powder brush (applying mineral foundation-currently using Garden Botanika Natural Balance Powder Foundation)
Urban Decay powder brush (applying shimmer i.e. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish)
Ecotools powder brush (applying finishing powder i.e. Make Up Forever HD Powder)
Urban Decay blush brush
Urban Decay blender brush (applying all over neutral lid color)
MAC 224 Tapered Blending brush
Too Faced eye definer brush (for crease color)

I have a few other cheapy ELF and NYX brushes to use for darker colored shadows, but those are the basics that I have in my make up bag with me. I hate using my nicer brushes with colors I don't use frequently. Just means more cleaning! Plus I go through phases with colors and use some brushes over another, so I reserve my MAC brushes for my neutral shades. :p Really, a mix is what you need and you'll get a feel for the tools you like and don't like. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello Kitty for MAC

So what did you gals pick up? I wish I could have picked up one of EVERYTHING, but I'm on a budget. :p

Been busy and was out to LA last weekend hence the lack of posts. Hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things this week. Still playing catch up!