Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sephora Favorites Boxed Kits

Accckk! I am a sucker for great deals and I could not pass up picking up one of the Sephora Favorites Boxed Kits! I'm not going to spill which one I got because I snagged one for Ms. B as well and don't want to ruin the surprise! I was glad to see a variety of kits including fragrance, mascara and lippies! This is a great opportunity to try out something new.

I have been extremely behind due to my laziness. I'm jobless and what can I say? I'm living it up right now, but I need to find my focus. Help! More later as I've come across some great products that I can't wait to share reviews on!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box - SOLD OUT!

9:06 AM (PST) - My Pretty Pink Box is SOLD OUT! The next regular box will go on sale August 3rd, but they have a special partner box that will be sold July 8th. Mark your calendars!

Good morning! And it has been way too long! Well, my unemployed butt set my alarm for 6:45 AM (PST) just so I could make sure I snagged a My Pretty Pink Box ( This month's top sponsors are Big Sexy Hair and Silk Naturals Cosmetics! I had to get one for me and my BKK Cutie Ms. B. It has been a long while since we've done an exchange. Oh and I have an entire backlog of products to review. =x I guess since I'm JL I should be doing that soon right? Ok, ok...hurry up ladies and put your order in now since quantities are limited!!