Monday, December 29, 2008


Taking a break for a little bit to get things straightened out. Wishing you a wonderful New Years with much love, happiness and success!

xoxox Miz Leilei

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Overdue Post - BKK Haul! (Pic heavy!)

My BKK cutie Ms. B has done it again! We were both so bummed out with the last package that got lost in transit, we vowed we would use REGISTERED MAIL from now on! I was lucky that her hunnie's sister had a stop in Seattle before her trip to BKK and was able to hand carry my goodies for her. :p I was excited when I got the PO notice in the mail and had the bf pick it up at the PO for me. Looks like we're switching to boxes now too? I'm used to my favorite cartoon envelopes, but this package was packed tight and everything made it in one piece!

The spread! She packed the make up bag with goodies - smart thinking!

2 facial masks (still yet have to try!) - Boots Acerola Cherry & Red Wine Anti-Aging Facial Mask and Facy Black Mud Sebum Control Mask. Anti-Aging - heck yeah! She knows that I'm a nut about preventative measures. I'm going to throw this in the fridge and use it one night. The Black Mud mask looks cool! Its a peel-off mask that's black and it helps to clear clogged pores. This should be interesting and gross to see when I use it.

Check out the make-up bag she sent! The front flap has places for brushes and small accessories and the main zippered compartment is roomy! This will be going into the new Marc Jacobs with a few neccesities for touch ups. Good call lady!

I am so proud of her for this find! She managed to hit up a corp sale and snagged this Laura Mercier Concealer duo. She said there were so many people there and that she sucks at bumping people around. LoL! If I was there, I would have done all the bumping and make her do all the snatching! ;) As you can see color on the left matches the skin on my hand, while the color on the right is quite light, but mixed together and used underneath the eye, the color is a great match! The textures of these concealers are different from each other - the left one is a bit more dense and the one on the right is creamier. Just a little bit is needed since it is very pigmented. I'm curious to try some other Laura Mercier products - any suggestions ladies?

This is such a cool lippy! Excel Twist Lipstick with Vitamin C and Vitamin B2 and its waterproof! It didn't click at first that this was a twist up lipstick in a pencil shape. I wondered how I was going to sharpen this huge thing. o_O Haha! I was able to flawlessly line my lips and fill them in with one product. I have just the gold gloss to dot on my lower lip that would look fab with this tomato red.

Sivanna Lipstick & Lipgloss duo. Another red lippy! She's psychic because red is my color this holiday! She sent me a pretty fuschia color in this same combo over the summer. One end is creamy, bright cherry red and the other end is a sheer cherry lipgloss. This is great for going out so you're not digging around your clutch for the right lippy.

Boots Natural Collection Juicy Lips in Caramel Shortcake. Yummy smelling and tasting gloss in a pretty neutral pink color. This would be nice to pair with a more dramatic eye or just keep in my purse as an everyday go-to gloss.

Sheene Lipgloss and Liner duo. I didn't really read the description until I saw Ms. B's note that there was a lip liner in the cap! Haha! I just saw a pretty coral/pink gloss!

Gloss and...
liner in the cap!

Yummy gloss in a pretty shade! I may reserve this for summer use...or not. Haha! I'll have to play around with some looks to pair with this gloss. I'm thinking a shimmery bronze eye?

Mirror on the cap! All lipsticks should come with this built in!

4U2 Instinct Lipstick in a bright coral. This brand is manufactured by a CA cosmetics company, but is only distributed in Asia! No fair! At least I have Ms. B to pick up items from this line for me. :) This lipstick is BRIGHT! But not in a bad way! Straight from the tube, it can be much, so I think I will slick on a layer of lipbalm and either dab it on for a stained look or use a lip brush apply with a light touch.

Mei Linda New Twist Eyeshadow. Its long lasting and waterproof. Those are probably great selling points for cosmetics in Thailand due to the heat and humidity! Ms. B said that this makes a great base for eyeshadow or piggies. I would use this similarly to how I use MAC Shadesticks - to make the color pop!

Sivanna and Gino McCray Pigments -
These are packaged similarly to the NYX Chrome Eyeshadow. The have a plastic cap between the lid to prevent spillage. I think all pigments should be packaged like this!

I forgot to take a picture of the Gino McCray pigment, but here they are swatched. I am digging them all and I really need to do an EOTD with the red piggie! I used the twist green eyeshadow as a base and that really helped the colors come through.

4U2 Gemtone Eyeshadow Quad in Onyx - This totally reminds me of Les Ombres De Chanel quad in Smokey Eye. What a great dupe and probably a fraction of the $56 the Chanel one costs! Yay! This came in one piece girl! My other quads weren't as fortunate, but I managed to salvage them by pressing them with rubbing alcohol, but this one is PERFECT!

In2It Gybzy Light Reflecting Liquid Eyeliner in Mauve. It has a chameleon effect where it changes color depending on the light that you're in. You can already see the 2 different colors from the picture of the bottle.

The brush is very fine and I may have a hard time lining with it, but I think I can pop off the wiper and dip my Sonia Kashuk angled liner brush in there! The description says its waterproof and long wearing, but is easy to remove!

Last, but definitely not least is my favorite and most interesting product out of the haul. Fun Fun Pop Cheek Blush in Shining Orange from Korea! Its a sheer, shimmery orange blush that has a fun applicator!

This reminds me of the puff jar that I have seen on sites like EDM. I like the no-spill packaging! I would have to be sure to use this only on freshly made-up skin due to the fact that you can't really wash the puff top.

I had the bf take this picture while I was swatching it. Haha!

Sheer and shimmery! I love it! It kind of reminds me of NARS' Super Orgasm which I have yet to post about. LoL! This would be nicely paired with a more neutral eye and lip or even a neutral eye and red lip. You know I love Engrish! The package states, "Containing shining powder, this blusher realizes vital and blooming face." Hee hee!

Thank you again Ms. B and sorry for the long overdue post! I love all my goodies! Its 4:05 AM and now I feel like playing with my new make up again. :p
I should get some sleep because its going to be a long day tomorrow. I'm making pecan tarts with my good friend Liz and then I have to attempt to finish the last of my Christmas Shopping. The crazy weather here in WA has left me at home for the most part, but the bf has said we will hit DT Seattle tomorrow in the evening to pick up a few things. I may have to head to the Daiso, Sephora and Nordstrom's while I'm there. :) Okie...99!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Daiso Find - Face Washing Brush

I love Daiso! I was hoping to head up to the 2 story Daiso in Canada over the weekend, but the obvious blizzard conditions stopped our plans. *sigh* I found this face brush a few months back and wanted to give it a test try before I gave my review on it. I love it! I loved it so much that some of my lovelys got this in their presents as one of my favorite things. :p

Of course I picked the pink one!

Oh Engrish. Gotta love the English translations on Japanese products sometimes!

I haven't tried the facial massage listed on the 3rd picture. Looks pretty interesting and I kind of wonder if this will help tone and shape your face? Wishful thinking for $1.50!

Cute little nubbies massage your face like tiny little fingers! This is very non-abrasive and hopefully isn't too bad for your skin. I only use this about 2-3 times a week.

Those are my index and middle finger holding the brush.

I either put my facial foam directly on the brush or apply the cleanser on my face and follow up with the brush in circular motions.

Pinky out!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here are a couple of lippies that I have picked up in the past month that I haven't had a chance to review. I have been extremely busy with work/school that I have not updated as frequently. I have all next week off, so I'm hoping I can squeeze in some new tutorials/FOTDs/EOTDs etc. I actually have built up quite a bit of material that I have either lost interest in or just don't want to post yet because I keep getting new stuff!

Make Up Mania Curvy Lip Silicone from Uwajimaya $14
The girl on the package has some straight up chocho lips. C'mon, you mean to tell me she doesn't have some kind of injection in her lips to make them that big?! Haha! I have actually seen this lipgloss on Musey's site and saw it at Uwaji's so why not? It looked pretty interesting.

The biggest difference in this lipgloss as opposed to say MAC would be the spatula applicator. Ok, kind of weird, but you can really maximize the product that goes directly on your lips as opposed to say a doe foot or brush applicator that may pull some of the product.

This gloss is thick, but not overly thick as say MAC's Lipglass. It smells like CANDY too! Mmmm! I picked up this pale pink color because I thought I could use this with a smokey eye & pale lip combo or even use this with other colors since its a pretty neutral shade.

Holy cow! Look at it on my lips! This does give you fuller, curvier lips by filling in all the lines in your lips. My bottom lip looks ginormous! This isn't a plumping gloss as in having such ingredients as capzasin to irritate your lips to make them appear and feel fuller. This just has a different texture that floats on your lips to give you that full look. I doubt I would buy this again and it was $14! I would rather buy another tube of my HG MAC Lustre Lipglass in Love Nectar for that price!

I was impressed with my last HIP Jelly Balm purchase that I had to pick up another color to see how a darker color would be pigmented. These were BOGO @ Wal-Greens so I picked up one for me and one for my BKK cutie Ms. B. I compared these to MAC's Tendertone Lipbalms and they come in a very close 2nd to my liking!

I picked up 520 Succulent which is a pretty plummy color.

In its pure, unscathed state. I absolutely hate digging my fingers into lip products. Ick. Anywho...isn't the color gorgeous?

The flash kind of washes the color out. Its a bit more pigmented! While I have been happy with my Jelly Balm purchases, I think this may be my last one. #1 because its a potted lip gloss and #2 because I have so many lippies! Overall, for $8 its a great buy, especially when you can find them for BOGO at Wal-greens or Rite Aid.