Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here are a couple of lippies that I have picked up in the past month that I haven't had a chance to review. I have been extremely busy with work/school that I have not updated as frequently. I have all next week off, so I'm hoping I can squeeze in some new tutorials/FOTDs/EOTDs etc. I actually have built up quite a bit of material that I have either lost interest in or just don't want to post yet because I keep getting new stuff!

Make Up Mania Curvy Lip Silicone from Uwajimaya $14
The girl on the package has some straight up chocho lips. C'mon, you mean to tell me she doesn't have some kind of injection in her lips to make them that big?! Haha! I have actually seen this lipgloss on Musey's site and saw it at Uwaji's so why not? It looked pretty interesting.

The biggest difference in this lipgloss as opposed to say MAC would be the spatula applicator. Ok, kind of weird, but you can really maximize the product that goes directly on your lips as opposed to say a doe foot or brush applicator that may pull some of the product.

This gloss is thick, but not overly thick as say MAC's Lipglass. It smells like CANDY too! Mmmm! I picked up this pale pink color because I thought I could use this with a smokey eye & pale lip combo or even use this with other colors since its a pretty neutral shade.

Holy cow! Look at it on my lips! This does give you fuller, curvier lips by filling in all the lines in your lips. My bottom lip looks ginormous! This isn't a plumping gloss as in having such ingredients as capzasin to irritate your lips to make them appear and feel fuller. This just has a different texture that floats on your lips to give you that full look. I doubt I would buy this again and it was $14! I would rather buy another tube of my HG MAC Lustre Lipglass in Love Nectar for that price!

I was impressed with my last HIP Jelly Balm purchase that I had to pick up another color to see how a darker color would be pigmented. These were BOGO @ Wal-Greens so I picked up one for me and one for my BKK cutie Ms. B. I compared these to MAC's Tendertone Lipbalms and they come in a very close 2nd to my liking!

I picked up 520 Succulent which is a pretty plummy color.

In its pure, unscathed state. I absolutely hate digging my fingers into lip products. Ick. Anywho...isn't the color gorgeous?

The flash kind of washes the color out. Its a bit more pigmented! While I have been happy with my Jelly Balm purchases, I think this may be my last one. #1 because its a potted lip gloss and #2 because I have so many lippies! Overall, for $8 its a great buy, especially when you can find them for BOGO at Wal-greens or Rite Aid.


Blissey168 said...

Aww you're the best!! Thank you, thank you! Ooh and I also have that silicone gloss thing, it works really well! I didn't really mind the spatula thing :p

Hmmm what about the stuff I sent ya? Did you like any if the stuff? Lemme know so that I can make you next package even better!

birkinbagbeauty said...

The Japanese lipgloss looks amazing on really seems to add extra volume..