Wednesday, December 17, 2008

JDM Hair Products

I can thank a number of bloggers out there for getting me hooked on Japanese/Asian products, especially xppinkxx who has indulged me with a couple of things from her store. Finally got some Mandom Cleansing Lotion. Loves! Well, I have been on the hunt for some JDM hair products. Surprisingly in Seattle, there are only a handful of Asian markets that have a selection of skincare and haircare products. I was able to find the following at Uwajimaya in Seattle and Bellevue. Seattle definitely has a better selection than the Bellevue location. Plus, since the Bellevue one is down the street from where I work, I probably picked up all the good shiet anyway. Hahaha! I'm really digging the Mandom line of hair products! I'll be revisiting these products with some hair styles in later posts. :)

I found both of Pink's fave hair styling waxes! The pink and orange tube are Mandom's Lucido-L Glamorous Wave and Volume Arrange Styling Tube Wax. Just a smidge of product is all you need. If you overdo it, you will have hair that is weighed down, so use it sparingly! They don't have a weird smell, so that is a plus for me! I hate having heavily perfumed or not so nice smelling prod in my hair and then I have to smell it all day. Bleh! $9/ea

The bottle in the middle is Mandom's Morning Hair Fix Water in a Floral Fragrance. There used to be a Sebastian Dry Cleaner spray a long time ago that you could use to refresh your hair and help restyle locks that have product already in it. I am an every other day hair washer, but I hate how my hair doesn't smell fresh like my shampoo! This is great to spritz on for a light fragrance. I don't think this would help if you went out to a bar/club and are trying to get that stank smell out. $8

Here is Mandom's Lucido L Glossy Hair Wax and Hair Pre-Curl Water. The Glossy Wax I'm not too fond of. It reminds me of hair gel without the hold. Its good for loosening up waves that are a bit too tight. I do like the Pre-Curl Water though! I have a Redken setting spray that makes my hair kind of crunchy after curling or using rollers. This spray leaves my hair still soft and really holds the curl! Glossy Hair Wax $9, Hair Pre-Curl Water $8

Gorgeous curls that lasted all night long! I was at a Holiday party last weekend and had a Martha Stewart moment with a premade pecan pie that someone brought. LoL! Can you say loaded?


Blissey168 said...

I have the morning hair fixer! It helps me tame my crazy bed head mornings :) just spritz and style!

Vanessa M. said...

pecanpie! mmmm and wow! i love all those goodies you got! :)

Tammy said...

Pink is such a bad girl!! Thanks to her I'm hooked on Asian products!!! And it's ALL her fault that I found out that there's a Mitsuwa by have the pink Lucido for curls and I love it!! I use it on my need to buy the orange one soon!!
Love the pic of you with the pecan pie! You look beautiful!

Blissey168 said...

I agree! You look absolutely gorgeous!