Monday, December 22, 2008

Daiso Find - Face Washing Brush

I love Daiso! I was hoping to head up to the 2 story Daiso in Canada over the weekend, but the obvious blizzard conditions stopped our plans. *sigh* I found this face brush a few months back and wanted to give it a test try before I gave my review on it. I love it! I loved it so much that some of my lovelys got this in their presents as one of my favorite things. :p

Of course I picked the pink one!

Oh Engrish. Gotta love the English translations on Japanese products sometimes!

I haven't tried the facial massage listed on the 3rd picture. Looks pretty interesting and I kind of wonder if this will help tone and shape your face? Wishful thinking for $1.50!

Cute little nubbies massage your face like tiny little fingers! This is very non-abrasive and hopefully isn't too bad for your skin. I only use this about 2-3 times a week.

Those are my index and middle finger holding the brush.

I either put my facial foam directly on the brush or apply the cleanser on my face and follow up with the brush in circular motions.

Pinky out!


Blissey168 said...

Ooh I bought mine from Daiso too. I love how soft and sqishy it feels :p

lookrichbitch said...

That looks fun! Might have to make a quick run to Daiso during lunch!

Jnie said...

hi, bloghopping.. its not too harsh? I might have to make a stop at daiso for one of these.

lady gugu said...

i really want that~!! but unluckily i can't find this in daiso here..=(