Thursday, September 24, 2009

NOTW: Nails Of The Week - Julep's Lucy & Lippmann's Devil In A Blue Dress

Starting something new! NOTW! Nails Of The Week. I've been doing my own manicures since #1 I'm a ballah on a budget and #2 I stopped getting acrylics done. I do miss having the perfect, fake nails, but they wreck your real nails. DIY manis can be nerve wracking and relaxing at the same time, but I do enjoy spending my Sunday nights doing my nails. I've been doing the "odd one out" nail for a month now. The left ring finger nail. Why? Because it is on that damn finger that's why. Visual reminder of that. *smirk*
I recently just had Pumpkin Glycolic Pedicure at Julep and was given a bottle of the vernis of the color used to paint my toes. The deepest red Lucy from their Fall colors. Great time to have matchy matchy tips and toes, along with the odd one out. I used Lippmann's Devil In A Blue Dress from the Party Like A Rock Star set that was featured in last week's Matte Nails+1 Shiney post.

The odd one out is subtle & I like that! While I did like the run with Sephora for OPI's What's A Tire Jack, matte polishes wear more quickly. I know that my manicure will last this week with maybe a few small chips, but nothing bothersome like last week's manicure.

Tip for cleaning up the edges: dip your orange wood stick into nail polish remover and swipe along the cuticles & sides for a cleaner edge. The vernisseurs at Julep use this method and I found it works better than those "pens" with nail polish remover in them to clean up the edges. Those can be too big for smaller nail beds and you risk smearing!


Blissey168 said...

I can never manage to paint the nails on my right hand nicely.. hehe

Rhondalei G. said...

Ms. B - Sometimes the R looks better than the L. Haha! o_O

Vanessa M. said...

tht red is so sexy!