Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

So I'm finally done with one class and now one more to go? I was way behind on my papers and somehow managed to still pull a B in my class. I turned in all my papers for the past 6 weeks last night. AHAHAH! 11th hour past the 11th hour. That is how I do. Well, I am overdue in posting my goodies from Tammy at Portrait of a Lady.

Woo hoo! I see some new make-up brushes! I agree with Tammy - ELF eyeshadow brushes are a great affordable find! I like to have several brushes for different colors. Yes, I am that picky about which brushes touch certain colors. Hahah!

Hard Candy Kalidescope Eyeshadow Palette - Look at all those pretty colors! This is definitely going into my make-up bag that I take to work. It has neutral shades as well as some brighter colors. I will try and do an EOTD with this palette soon.

Cibu Shampoo and Conditioner - I'm actually going to try these tomorrow! I'm heading to the gym in the AM and need to pack my toiletries. Tammy has raved about the Cibu hair care line and I'm excited to try!

I got it! I remember in one of Tammy's vids she mentioned one of us was going to get this nail polish. :D I haven't tried any ELF nailpolish yet! My nails have been bare the past week. I need to give myself a mani tomorrow.

Nail decals! I have this shimmery, white polish that I bought at Daiso that will look good with these decals. I'm fond of the swirly designs and the snowflake looking ones. Hmmm....winter nails of the day coming soon?
Thanks again Tammy for hosting the contest and for the goodies! xoxox Rhondalei


Blissey168 said...

love that nail polish color!

Oh, and your package is sent by the way :)

Tammy said...

You're welcome. Glad you like your goodies. =)