Sunday, November 16, 2008

MAC Passionately Red/Viva Glam: 3 Warm Lips

I had to indulge!! I only picked up one, but I may have to pick up another because my drunk ass lost the brush last night while out and about. :( Sad! I love the colors! It has my favorite Viva Glam V Lipglass! This is the perfect lip compact for going out. Just

What the website says:

Lipstick compact made of deep red snakeskin-embossed metal with a lavish faux jewel. Features two VIVA GLAM VI and VIVA GLAM V Lipsticks, and one VIVA GLAM V Gloss. Includes a black-handled 316 SE Lip Brush. All proceeds from the sale of this Holiday VIVA GLAM compact go to support men, women and children around the world living with HIV/AIDS. Limited edition.

My grubby mitts were all over the box. Haha! Look at the smudges!

Pretty, pretty!

Even prettier!

I am tempted to get the Cool Lips too so I can replace my lost brush. Damn it! I'm so mad! But the Cool Lips is also pretty, pretty as well, so there's no need to pull my arm. :p


Hairs to Beauty said...

hey girl, the lip palette looks nice, too bad i didnt get it though.
o yeah i changed my link now for my page.

Tammy said...

So pretty!!! I think this will be my Christmas gift to

Rhondalei G. said...

hairs to beauty - girl you changed your page! I'll have to link you up again.

Tammy - yes, yes, yes! Get this palette! I am going to indulge in the Cool Lips palette as well. To replace my damn brush I lost at the bar. Hahah! Oh but the colors are nice too!

Blissey168 said...

I got one too! In cool tho :) It's ├╝ber pretty, you should definitely get it! I think I'll also get the warm eye palette as well... So tempting!