Thursday, November 13, 2008

Almay Moisturizing Eye Make Up Remover

$2.00 at Big Lots, so why not? I was drawn to this because it claims that it can remove waterproof and long wearing lip color. I always have a hard time removing MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Color from my lips and hate to waste my favorite Neutrogena remover on lipstick. Even Neutrogena didn’t remove all the traces of Pro Long Wear. The consistency of this remover claims to be gel, but I would have to say this is more of a heavy cream. It really reminded me of Vaseline and it really did feel like Vaseline when I tried to remove my eye make up with it. Yuck! I would suggest not using this on your eye area. This did however hold up to its claim of removing long wearing lipstick and would use this remover for that purpose only.

Just looks like petroleum jelly to me!

I have MAC Pro Longwear on my hand and put remover on the top half.

One swipe and it removed it! There is good use for this! I'll keep it around, but I won't be buying anymore since its not that great.


Tammy said...

ewww..can't imagine how gross that feels on your greasy and clumpy..glad it removes the lipstick well though.

Rhondalei G. said...

Yes! At least it wasn't a total loss of $2.00! Haha!