Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mary Kate & Ashley - Paper Me Pretty Blush Sheets

I was convinced after reading the Musey's entry on these blush sheets from Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. Haha! I even had to meander to more than one Wal-Mart to find these! FYI - I found these at the Everett Wal-Mart for you readers in WA. For about $4, you get 50 glamour sheets. The blush loaded on these papers is a bright, but wearable pink on my skintone. One drawback to some gals may be the high dose of shimmer, but I found it to be really pretty!

I think I would have preferred a hard plastic case instead of the paper carton that these come in. The blush infused on the paper can seep out and make a mess! I wouldn't recommend putting these in your to-go make up bag without the entire package being enclosed in a ziploc.

And this is the blush on the apple of my cheek. All I needed was a couple of swipes to add some color and shimmer. This can be definitely used on other areas such as above the brow to highlight and to add some shimmer on your d├ęcolletage.

The other On The Go Makeup Sheets included another blush, a bronzer and a shine blotter. I wasn't drawn to those. I also wasn't drawn to a majority of their other make up due to the high content of chunky glitter. My Candy Kid days are over and I prefer finer glitter on some nights out. But I did pick up an eyeshadow trio fromt he MK/A Olsen line that I'll review later on. I also sent this and an eyeshadow trio to Ms. B, so I hope you enjoy these treats! :)


Blissey168 said...

Omg sooo pretty! Thank you for sending them my way! Oh and I got the stuff you sent (via Mel) already! Thank you thank you!

Your package will take a bit longer to get there...
But it'll get there, promise!

Tammy said...

Very Pretty! I've been looking for these at the walmart by me, but nothing yet..