Friday, March 27, 2015

Logitech Unifying Receivers

I have two of the same computer mouse. Why you ask? Well, maybe if I read the packaging when I bought the first one, I would have found out about Logitech's Unifying Receivers. 

Old wireless mouses had a receiver that was unique to the mouse and once lost or broken, the mouse was not usable. Finally they came out with a receiver that can be universal amongst several devices. The only functionality missing is being able to use 1 mouse on several systems. Ehh, I'll take it though because I thought the mouse wouldn't work. Thankfully I didn't toss it, but had I known earlier, I wouldn't have forked over another $25 for a new mouse. Well, now I have 2 mouses, one for work and one for home.  I had to put a little heart with nail polish to distinguish the two.

Logitech Lady on the Lily wireless mouse $24.99 at Target
Logitech Unifying Receiver $12.49 on Amazon

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