Saturday, March 28, 2015

Corrective Back Therapy Through Massage

I had an interesting experience with a new therapist today to help ease some of the tension in my neck and back.  My appointment today was supposed to be self-care and more relaxation, but Lesa did more work to release the tension and gave me some advice on what I can do at home post massage and see if and where the pain happens.  I have a crooked back, as in I have scoliosis.  It wasn't bad where I needed a brace, but as I get older, I feel more pain due to my body compensating for being off balance.  I carry everything on my left shoulder because that is the side that sits higher.  Everything I sling on my right slides off easily, so I am constantly putting more weight on that side.  Along with a right side hip stretch, she told me to be more aware of my dominant (right) side and to alternate to the left side in actions such as crossing my legs.  Another habit I need to break is sleeping on my stomach which will be the most difficult one, but she gave me tips on how I should set myself before sleeping.  I am willing to try all of these techniques to alleviate pain because they are drug free methods.  We will see how the next 2 weeks go before I see her again.  I'm also hoping to get a relaxing massage from my usual therapist too.

Do you suffer from back/leg pain?  What are some techniques that you use to help you through?

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