Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I swear the New Year always comes by so quickly!  With my birthday being at the tail end of summer in August, Fall flies by then its the holidays.  I hope you all got to spend time with family and friends ringing in 2015 on a good note!

While I have been keeping to a specific "Beauty Budget," I wanted to really be intentional about not having any beauty spend in January on products that were not necessary.  I will still get my Ipsy Glam Bag since that is a subscription and there are a couple of other orders that will come in few a days. The thrill of the hunt gets me, but I want to be able to really get creative with what I have so far.  I'll allow a #TreatYoself moment for Vday, so hopefully there will be something pretty awesome to look forward to around that time!  I'll hold off on purchasing for as long as I can!

Instead of making a list of resolutions, I want improvements in my life to be continual.  Since things can change, I want to feel out what areas can be worked on and set some achievable goals.  Last month it was to get back into physical fitness and I signed up for a month of hot yoga as a way of easing back in to the world of crossfit.  Eeek!

What have you decided to work on personally for 2015?

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