Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crafting From Bed: No Sew Pan Protectors

This great post from DIY Network Made+Remade contributor Emily Fazio shows how to make no sew pan protectors, which I realized I needed after seeing some scratches in my new pots.  I put paper towels in between until I created a more permanent fix.  I would love to have a sewing machine here at my home, but I don't have much room and can't see myself dropping a lot of money on one right now.  We'll see though because Jo-Ann's always has sales and coupons!

Materials needed:
-Felt; I got 1 yard and made 5
-Aleene's Fabric Fusion
-Paper to create your template
-Cardboard; makes cutting template easier to use
 Distracted. I was watching a documentary while making these.  LOL!  Maybe that's why I started to not have the patience for evenness after awhile.
 I'm a regular at my neighborhood Jo-Ann Fabrics and the cashier was kind to give me a double discount.  This project was only $8!
 Created an asterisk template.
 Cut it out - meh, its crooked.  The Virgo in me didn't care that much since these aren't going to be really seen.

 I made 4 of the asterisk shaped ones at first since I didn't know if they were going to work for all of the pots and pans.
 Just fits on the bottom of the cast iron skillet.  
 Fits nicely between the smaller frying pans.
I did have to make 5 larger ones for the bigger and deeper pots and pans.  I didn't mess with trying to trace out a larger asterisk so just eft thee ones big squares.

Cost: $8

Skill level: Easy, especially if you're not a perfectionist.  I will probably revisit pan protectors if/when I get a sewing machine.

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