Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kulae EASYmat Yoga Mat

Wanted to have more than 1 yoga mat on hand since they can wear down easily and get grimy if you don't clean them regularly.  Guilty.  I finally pinned a cleaner and made some to clean my mats after every practice.  I asked my GF, who is a Bikram Yoga instructor, what would a quality mat at an affordable price point and she suggested Kulae.

Cost: $9.15 on Amazon  This is a deal since it it normally $24

-Better for you mat with no bad chemicals.  Check out the description on the Kulae website.

-Only available online (here in WA anyway. I haven't found a retailer that sells this)
-Varying in price.

Would I recommend this to a friend?  Yes!  Since my yogi friend recomm'd it, I would say the same!  Still have to test this one out, but it is already smaller and lighter than the Gaim one I have.

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