Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Balea Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Tried this out a few weeks back and even saved the other half to mask again, but totally sluffed.  What a waste!  These packets have at least 2 applications, so be sure to seal this up or store the extra in an empty jar.  This was a clay mask had a cooling feeling to it which was nice.  I do enjoy a good clay mask that will help draw out impurities.  And draw them out it did.  Sometimes your skin gets worse after masks because of the dirt and grime that get pulled to the surface.  I had a few blemishes show up after a few days, but nothing a topical salicylic acid treatment couldn't help fix.

-Easily 2 applications

-Only found in Canada

Would I recommend this to a friend?  Maybe.  I wasn't able to find this on the Think Dirty app, but something tells me it might have a high rating like the Balea Detoxifying Mask did.  Proceed with caution.

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