Friday, November 21, 2014

Vain Pursuits

Thank you again to my lovely GinaismXO for introducing me to Vain Pursuits.  Watch her video Choosing The Right Skincare (ft Vain Pursuits) where she shares some of her skincare tips and even some yikes from past practices!

As I get older, I want to ensure that this mug stays glowing and healthy for as long as possible without the use of medical treatments.  I want to age gracefully, no frozen face here, but I do want to make sure that I'm not accelerating the signs.  Your skin is your largest organ and you want to ensure you're taking good care of it inside and out.  I have lessened the amount of items I use and have been reading labels more - no parabens, sulfates or pthalates when I can.  I was extremely excited to try Vain Pursuits skincare that is customized to my needs, wants and likes.  How many times have you been overwhelmed with the choices of just moisturizer?  I haven't found my holy grail of daytime moisturizers yet, but Vain Pursuits has introduced me to something else!

Similar to Gina, I do a swatch test on my arm first before applying any skincare to my face.  I haven't pinpointed what ingredients irritate my skin, but I know the telltale signs with the burning and itching, then bumpy texture for weeks.  :(  I had a reaction to some make up wipes recently that wasn't pretty.  I swiped each product on my arm overnight and waited.  The good news, no reaction!  I proceeded with a full week's use and had been in touch with skincare galpal Ruby throughout the process.

The facial moisturizer I used during the day and switched off with the day lotion.  This had a heavier feel to it and the scent included was fir and lime.  A bit reminiscent of cleaner, I did like the formula, but was not keen on the scent.  Ruby kindly noted that and updated my formulas to not have this scent.  As I have said, I'm big on anti-aging and she included ingredients to help fight fine lines!

Since I have combination skin that can be sensitive, she made the day lotion unscented, which I definitely appreciated.  With plenty of plant oils, anti-oxidants and vitamins, this formula is hydrating and anti-aging.  With the weather cooling down in the PNW, having a separate moisturizer before applying my sunscreen has kept my skin supple and protected from the biting cold.

Que the trumpets, I have found my HG night cream.  I don't get much sleep and Ruby noticed that from my quiz, so to ensure that my skin was able to get enough goodness from the few hours of shut eye, she packed this night cream with ingredients to repair and renew my complexion while fighting fine lines.  Since we have the heat on in the house, I had been waking up with dry skin, even after moisturizing before bed.  But this made my skin so smooth overnight and I woke up with glowing skin.  Love!  This also had my favorite scent out of the 3, lemongrass and cedar, so Ruby added a note that all of the formulas created would have this scent.

Cost: Trial kit $20 - which you will receive as a credit when you order a full size

-Personalized skincare based on your needs and concerns
-Good amount to test with for a little over a week.  No foil packets here!
-Natural ingredients - I want skincare that is good for me and safe to use

-Pricey - full sizes are a pretty penny.  Having the trial was helpful before making the decision on which product to order.  The full size price can be found on the description cards.
-No SPF in the moisturizers.

Would I recommend this to a friend?  The skincare trial was so fun and engaging throughout the process, yes I would recommend Vain Pursuits.  Sign up today at Vain Pursuits, take the quiz and then hang tight.  Understandably, with the amount of time they dedicate to their customers, there is a little bit of a wait before they can communicate with new customers.  Trust me, it is worth the wait!  Once your trial is completed and you agree on what you would like to order, your full sized items will become available for you to purchase.  You can even set up auto-renew for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs.  I will be ordering a full size of the night cream today and renew quarterly to start off with.  Eeee!  So excited to have found a product that I love and was created especially for me.


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