Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saje Natural Wellness - Goddess Euphoric Bath Salt Soak

I don't get the opportunity to take a bath often enough, but when I do, I want to use good quality products with great scents.  During a Sissynanigans trip to Canda, we stumbled up on Saje Natural Wellness and picked up a couple of bath salts.  The Goddess Euphoric Bath Salt Soak not only sounded awesome, the smell was divine.  

What the website says:

Pamper your inner goddess, soothe anxiety, and celebrate your unique femininity.

Key features & Benefits

A goddess is most radiant when she is relaxed. Soak away the stress of the day and cultivate your feminine glow. Essential oil of ylang ylang, known to "awaken femininity," helps balance hormones. A known aphrodisiac, neroli essential oil instills feelings of peace and harmony. Essential oil of the delicate jasmine flower, or "Queen of the Night," warms the emotions, encourages feelings of confidence, and is thought to increase attraction. Rose, the queen of all increase attraction. Rose, the queen of all oils, symbolizes love and purity, and comforts the heart like no other oil can. All-natural Goddess Bath Salt Soak is a euphoric blend that pampers the skin while balancing the emotions and soothing anxiety.

Cost: $8.95 CAN

-Richly scented
-Enough for 2 baths in one packet

-I don't think this is enough for 2 baths.  Maybe adding in more epsom salt would be beneficial.
-Scent dissipates quickly

Would I recommend this to a friend?  Maybe.  I would probably use an entire packet for one bath instead of trying to make it two.  

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