Friday, November 28, 2014

Facial: VannEdge Salon

***Note***: Oliver has decided to pursue his career in his own establishment and as of 12/1/14 is no longer at VannEdge.  Be on the look out for updated information when he launches in about a month.  Congratulations Oliver and much success in the next step to your career!

This does not affect my review of VannEdge Salon.  This is a wonderful business and if you are in the Belltown area needing services, please do consider checking them out.

Scheduled some me time for a facial at VannEdge Salon, an Aveda concept salon that offers a full menu of hair, nail, skin and spa services in the Belltown area of Downtown Seattle.  I met Oliver through a friend and found out we had other mutual friends and may have kicked it before.  "Where's my jewelry box?!"  LOL!  Fast forward, we connected and he invited us to visit and experience a facial with him.  His calling card was also a coupon, I can't resist a good deal.  Ha!  Made my way to Seattle on a sunny Sunday that was also home game day for the Seahawks which meant, parking was terrible.  Glad I left early and allowed myself time to find a spot since it took about 20 minutes.  Ugghh.  The good thing though is street parking is still free in Seattle on a Sunday.

Easy to find, but I still used GPS to get here.  Just to be sure!
You walk in and the layout is very open.  All the products are neatly arranged up front and you are greeted, checked in and offered a beverage while you wait.  The middle portion is the salon area for hair.  
Loved the glittery, puffy stars that are hung from the ceilings.  I think these are holiday decorations.  There are also some puffy orbs, maybe also holiday decorations?  

I had a 60 minute Results Focus Facial.  The Elemental Nature Facials are described as, "fully customizable to the guest's skin-care needs; every treatment includes a thorough skin analysis, cleansing, refinement, balancing techniques and massage."

The back is the spa area where facial and massage services are performed.  There are some couches for clients to relax before and after treatments.  There are plenty of magazines to peruse or you can browse some of the spa products that may be used on you.
Uggh! I need one of these!  I would sit at a desk all day with my feet in this pod.  Heat, compression and massage all in one.  It was so ticklish at first, but once I was able to get past the feeling of a dozen fingers tickling my feet, it felt great.  
Just before we started my facial, Oliver talked me through the process and asked questions about my current skin care routine and any concerns I had.  With the changing weather and cooling temperatures, I wanted hydrating products to be used and noted that I do have sensitive skin.  At any time during your treatment you feel your face or skin having a reaction, notify your esthetician immediately.  They have your best interest in mind when they perform the intake and want to ensure that you receive the best care and experience.  He also let me know that this facial will be different than other places since Aveda sees this as a full body treatment.  Meaning that not only will your face, neck and decollete receive attention, your scalp, shoulders, chest, lower legs and feet will also be treated.  I was surprised and looking forward to having relaxation from top to bottom.  

There are 2 spa rooms in this space.  The only downfall is the amount of noise you hear from the other room.  I didn't mind it since the conversation coming from the other room did stop, but it got a bit loud since the client was chatty.  The room was dimly lit and comfortable.  You even have the option to have the heating pad on for your comfort.  I wanted to feel as warm and snug as possible.  

All of the Aveda products used are naturally scented, the aromatherapy used at the beginning was my favorite scent.  I wanted a relaxing experience rather than an energizing one.  Mask, cleanse, tone and an examination are all a part of a usual facial and each step was done with care.  I was in and out of sleep during the process, I'm glad I didn't snore.  LOL!  I definitely was woozy after the facial.  Oliver met me with a glass of water and we chatted about the facial and he made a couple of product suggestions.  I have quite a bit of skincare products to utilize, but will definitely keep the recommendations in mind when it is time to add to my shelf.  As my skin ages, I should be looking for products that help support and fortify.  Ask your estheticians what products they suggest and also narrow down the needs versus what would be nice to have, but is not necessary.

The lighting was too good.  Its like glorious light beaming down on us.  #blezzed.

Cost: $85 for 60 minute facial; not including tip.  Also note, that you cannot tip on a card.  Bring cash!

-AMAZING facial.  I have not had a head to toe experience with just a facial.
-Aveda products are natural and smell heavenly
-Customized treatment based on what your needs/concerns/likes/dislikes

-Pricey - #treatyoself this is definitely a self-care indulgence
-Parking in Belltown can be tough, especially when there are events in the area, but at least it is free on Sundays in DT Seattle.
-Back spa area can be a bit noisy
-Can't tip on a card at the salon

Would I recommend this to a friend?  Yes!  My skin was pampered and I could feel it just drinking in all the goodness.  Oliver took great care of me and I would highly recommend him for a pampering facial.  I know I will be back to VannEdge for another facial!

Esthetician: Oliver

Vann.Edge Salon
2030 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 441-5511

I couldn't resist getting french macarons from The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. since it was a few blocks away.  A definite must try if you're in the area!  This was lunch for me and I sat outside in the sunny, brisk weather while reading a book.  Perfect solo Sunday.
Even with the temp in the 50s, it was still gorgeous out.  Blue skies, white clouds, golden sun and what sweetened up the day more was the SEAHAWKS win.  

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