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Equitance Brightening Serum+Spot Corrector


My first VoxBox from Influenster!  I was very excited that my first to review was beauty related and skin care.  I have been on a skin care kick lately, trying out different naturally derived products.  Out of all that I have acquired, I did not have a specific spot treatment for dark spots.  Remember those freckles on my cheeks that are cute, but are actually age & sun spots.  Yes, those things.  *sigh*  This is my first impression of Equitance Brightening Serum+Spot Corrector and my first week's use.

Full sized product and booklet that describes all the products from the Equitance Brightening Regimen

The serum is more of like a cream that easily absorbed into my skin without any greasiness and best of all, no reaction.  I did do a swatch test on my arm for a night before testing on my skin.  I added this serum+spot corrector to my usual routine without issues.  In the evening I cleanse my face, then use eye cream, night cream and finally dab this around my cheeks, nose and forehead where there is hyperpigmentation.  What I liked first off was the scent.  Fresh and slightly floral, but more of a clean smell.

There are natural ingredients that are the stars to Equitance's Brightening+Spot Corrector including lineoleic acid for brightening, licorice for calming, glycosyl trehalose from tapioca and potato starch can help tone, cherry blossom leaf extract can soften rough skin, shell ginger extract can provide intense moisturizing and eggshell membrane for L-cystine to illuminate the skin.  

The microcapsules that hold the exclusive blend of brightening ingredients, helps to minimize the appearance of dark spots and discolorations as it improves the appearance of skin's tone and brightness.

There is an entire line to the Equitance Brightening regimen from Skin Radiance Dietary Supplements to Brightening Toning Lotion to support skin's inner and outer vitality.

What the website says:

This pioneering spot-targeting serum formula zeroes in on the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark discoloration.  It uses patented technology to continuously deliver the key brightening ingredient, linoleic acid.  With daily use, this essential step in the Brightening regimen, brings clarity, brightness and radiance to skin's appearance.

83% of women reported diminished appearance of dark spots

*Based on clinical study after 4 months. Study conducted and evaluated by dermatologist.

"a top 10 dark spot corrector"
review by Harper's Bazaar

"6 Beauty Secrets from Around the Globe"
review by Forbes

Cost: $125.00

-Fresh scent

-There are parabens

Would I recommend this to a friend?  I would like to use Equitance Brightening Serum+Spot Corrector for a full month before deciding if I would recommend this to a friend.  So far, so good and I am liking the results.  The only downfall I see is that there are parabens in this product and I am for safe skin care that does not include parabens, sulfates or pthalates.  Since the parabens are on the lower end of the ingredient list, there is less of this ingredient in the product.  

Thank you Influenster for starting this gal off right with a great beauty product!  I will be doing another entry soon with a comparison of the above before photos and after photos.

This product was provided for review through Influenster.  I have not been monetarily compensated for this item.  My write up of this product reflects my own opinion after a trial period and have provided an honest review.

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