Tuesday, November 25, 2014

EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge Sensitive Skin

I have seen other konjac sponges and wanted to see what the hype was and not have to order one online.  Sephora has a one from Boscia, but it is $15.  Found these at Ulta and there was a buy one, get one 50% off and used the Coupon Sherpa app for an additional discount with my purchase. 

There are 2 options, deep cleansing and sensitive skin.  Both are natural, 100% konjac vegetable fiber.  They come sealed in wrap and are porous, but once you add water, it becomes soft and squishy. 

I tried out the sensitive skin sponge first for a few weeks.  Usually I would use my Clarisonic a couple times a week, but thought this would be a good option for the days I don't use it.

What the website says:

A truly exciting innovation from EcoTools and a new way to clean your face!! This Sensitive Skin facial sponge hardens when dry and softens to silky smoothness when wet! Just add your favorite facial cleanser and water. Wash away dirt, oil, makeup and leave skin glowing without over-drying or causing redness. Sponge is gentle enough to be used morning and night!

This sponge fits nicely in the palm of your hand.  Having a narrow point makes this easy to clean the corners of your face.  I lather up my face first and then use the sponge to cleanse.  I only cleanse my face in the evening in the shower.  I only splash my face with water in the AM.  To keep this sponge sanitary, you should dry this out after every use.

After a few weeks, the sponge started to feel hollow in the middle, then it tore.  :(  Inside it looked like the sponge was starting to fall apart.  This lasted only about a month, what a waste!

Cost: $5.99 at Ulta

-Soft & gentle to use

-Poor quality

Would I recommend this to a friend?  No.  The sensitive skin one only lasted about a month for me.  That was with proper care of letting the sponge dry flat after each use.  I don't have high expectations for the deep cleansing sponge and think that will last about a month as well.  I'll have a review on that once I get to test it out.  

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