Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blue Apron Review - Week 7

Another good week!  2 out of 3 were great!  The one with the lowest score was still not too bad.  My favorite was the greek-style braised chicken thighs that I cooked for my BFF Sissy on a Saturday night.  I'm always surprised by the quality of chicken and how well it cooks, but I did have to do some follow up warming to cook it through.  The pan-seared salmon was also good, although I am kind of getting tired of salmon as the fish protein in my boxes.  Maybe cod again or even shrimp for seafood.  The least favorite was the caramelized fennel & kale bucatini.  There just wasn't enough sauce for the noodles, even after being freshly made.  I drizzled black truffle olive oil for a little bit more flavor when I heated the leftovers.  

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