Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lemming! American Apparel Nailpolish - Office

I HELLA want this color, but I also want ALL the other colors too!Photo source:

I haven't been lemming anything, but I remembered running across this while online Xmas shopping and now I really, really want this, American Apparel Nailpolish in Office. I wasn't able to indulge in the Chanel Jade Nail Colour and plus I wouldn't be able to foot the $23 without any guilt. I think I can manage the $6 price tag for these. I may end up buying the Nail Polish (3 pack)s since it is a better deal and on sale for $15 (reg price $18). I can buy the entire set with an $18 savings! Maybe I will spread purchases out rather than attempting to spend $90 on nailpolish now. :/ Oh how I am tempted and will probably just give in.

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