Thursday, January 14, 2010

NOTW: Rihanna & Blake

Spent a rainy Seattle afternoon in DT Seattle. I got my brows waxed by my girl Yani & also got a manicure at Julep. Mary did my mani & I had a great time chatting with her.

Rihanna & BlakeI decided to go bright and do Rihanna with Blake as the odd one out. The flash washes some of the color out and it looks more like a bright purple/magenta. I really think I'm going to buy a bottle of this! I'm glad that it is in their permanent line. I do like Blake, but I'm not in love with it to buy it. Blake is from their Fall line which will be gone once they sell out.

Loves!Odd one out...banana likeHmmm? The more I look at it, these colors remind me of my alma mater UW Huskies! Love how this color looks with the top coat on. Very patent leather.

Always remember to put another coat of top coat on your nails the day after your manicure and every other day if you can. This will help your polish last longer! Also, use gloves if you can while doing housework. :)

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