Monday, January 11, 2010

Back 2 Black

Out with the old...

I did love my hair, but I wanted to scale things down and bring things back to natural in my beauty routine. "Natural." Cutting off the fakeness. No more acrylics. No more colored contacts. No more highlights...for now.

And now back 2 black

Looooove it. I feel so young and virginal. Ok, the virginal only relates to my hair. :D

I decided to try out a new & affordable salon near the house. Salon 074. Susan was my stylist and listened to my requests. Back to my natural color as close as possible, cleaning up the layers and creating a more heavy fringe. I didn't end up with BLONDE hair like I did last time. smh For new clientele, they had a promo of 20% off your first service. I paid $114 including tip for the haircolor and cut which is not bad at all! For my Eastside Sammamish/Issaquah folks, this is a wonderful salon if you're looking to get your hair done closer to home. Let them know that Rhondalei sent you in and that you're a new client. :)


Kate Gene said...

I absolutely love your new dark hair! Believe it or not, I JUST dyed my hair black, too. Too funny!

I used to tan, get highlights, and get my acrylics done (at Sammamish Nails!). It was so much work! I definitely miss my tan... I'm a weird, sickly pale color naturally! LOL!

Hope you're well!


Rhondalei G. said...

That's funny that you dyed your hair too! I love it dark. And I really don't mind the paleness right now. Raven hair, fair skinned...that's how I am naturally. ;)

Kate Gene said...

Yeah! Black hair is where it's at! :)

You have a great "pale" shade! Your skin tone still looks warm. I'm a sallow yellow/green. LOL! My friend (who is also Korean) keeps telling me to "come to the pale side" with her. Ha ha!

P. S. Your thumbnail photo is stunning!

Deborah Jones said...

very pretty. I totally suits you!

Vanessa M. said...

looks great!!