Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paris Hilton All-In One Styling Tool & Ultimate Brush

I am such a sucker for certain marketing, especially when it comes to my friends who are celebs. Hahaha! Right. I saw the Paris Hilton All-In One Styling Tool and Ultimate Brush on promo at Sally Beauty and HAD to go out and get it. Plus, I had a coupon to utilize and thought this would be a good purchase.

Boasted that this is, "The one brush that does it all." Hmmm....I beg to differ, but I'll give it a shot.

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw her picture inside and saw her posing with the brush. Its very porno like. LoL

Overall, this brush is great for blow drying. I'm able to lift sections with just a twist and it does add volume. I wouldn't recommend this for those wanting a sleek, straight look - stick to a good paddle brush to achieve that look. I don't use this brush that often. The brush was free if you purchased the all-in one hair styler, so it was a great deal for me.

Cost: $10

Would I recommend this to a friend? Probably not

I will not be texting Paris for more info on this. Can you say CHEESY? Hahaha!

I'm digging the varying temperature settings. I do love my CHI, but there are some obnoxious kinks in my hair sometimes that need extra heat to get out.

What should have been included was a heat SLEEVE, not a heat pad. You have to wrap the pad with an elastic or string to keep it around the barrel in order to be useful for travel.

I haven't figured out how to curl my hair with this yet. I will soon.

So how did the PH Hair Styler work? Here are the results:

Not too bad, but I do need some time to work with it more efficiently. I find myself still using my good ole CHI on most days.

Cost: Fair
-Compared to the InStyler, this is a better deal and it looks like the same thing!

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes & No
-Yes to those wanting the InStyler. No to those that want a quick alternative to the flat iron/curling iron. If any of my local gals want to give it a twirl, let me know and you can test try mine. :)

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