Tuesday, November 3, 2009

POP Beauty - Hello Gorgeous Palette

I haven't had a chance to use this palette enough, but this did come in handy when I went to LA back in February! It was nice to have just one palette of shadows instead of several individual shadows. I just have so much product that some items end up forgotten. :( I picked this up at Ulta for $20 which was such a great deal.

From www.popbeauty.co.uk -

The best of POP Beauty in a pretty jewelry box! This limited-edition silver croc box contains POP best sellers for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Once the makeup runs out, this magic silver box doubles as a pretty jewelry box.

Over 50 shades and colours that are the "best of" tasters from POP's current products.

The packaging definitely grabbed my attention. Why hello there makeup palette! :)

I like how this palette has a mirror on the lid and it says hello gorgeous right back at you. One gripe is the lid doesn't stay open. What would help is if there was a supporting arm to prop it open.

There are 10 lippies and 2 trios of blush/bronzer on the top lid. I haven't used the lippies, but I did use the blush/bronzer trios. Both are quite light and you need to use a few swipes to achieve some color.

36 shadows and 2 brush/sponge tip applicators on the bottom. Lots of colors! But the shadows don't have quite the intensity that I was hoping for. Priming your lids first with a shadow primer and also a cream eyeshadow stick will help the colors show on your lid.

I think this palette would be great for someone who is relatively new to makeup or someone who likes lighter shades. I brought this palette when I traveled and it held up well. No broken shadows/blushes and no melting. I kept the plastic carton it came in to store and to travel. I do notsee this product offered at Ulta anymore, but you can purchase from POP Beauty's website Hello Gorgeous Palette.

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CHARRY said...

That's a very nice palette :) congrats girl :)