Thursday, October 15, 2009

TAG: WHO, WHAT and/or WHEN did you get started with makeup & blogging?

Vanessa from Van's Makeup Ride tagged all her beauty blogger babes with this question:

WHO, WHAT and/or WHEN did you get started with makeup & blogging?

Who got me started with makeup & when?

Like most little girls, I was fascinated with my Mommy's makeup and would get my sneaky little hands on it when she wasn't home. Biggest snoopiest kid around and I got my behind beat many, many times for being too nosey. Hahah! My Mom has used some of the same products for a number of years. Memorably, Revlon's Rachel Lovepat powder. Oh Mommy, how the color doesn't match your skintone, but it has been a staple in her makeup kit for years. One memorable makeup moment when I was younger was my fondness for this apple Mary Kay lipgloss. I would apply this on my lips and lick it right off. Nothing has changed about that since I am prone to licking yummy gloss right off my smacker! One day she found me sitting on the bathroom vanity looking at myself while applying the gloss. Well, she actually caught me licking it off the wand! Yeah, I got in BIG trouble for that. My Aunties would give me hand me down make up or we would manage to find stuff to play with at my Grandma's house when we slept over. My Sister gave me some of her make up, but I remember my first REAL purchase of make up was when I was 12 years old at Bartell Drugs in West Seattle. Wet 'n Wild cosmetics! I was going to be in a pageant that summer and thought it was the BEST excuse to buy it and start practicing how to apply make up. This was when my love for purple shadow began and it never ended. :) Over the next few years, I still stuck to the drugstore brands of make up. My first MAC purchase wasn't until my Freshman year of college, but after that first inital buy, I was hooked. Now I am a full on cosmetics junkie with way too much in my collection! Every corner in my room has something cosmetic related. It is ridonkulous. Want vs. Need...that I can never fully apply to this addiction.

This is an old pic and doesn't represent half of the collection. This was what I just had out at the time. smh

How did I get started beauty blogging?

I have a few other blogs that I update, but not as frequently as this one. I have found that writing in my journal has been therapeutic for me or as I call "Pen & Paper Therapy." I started beauty blogging in 2008 on my Xanga site that included hauls & lems for shoes and clothes, but decided that I would create a site exclusively dedicated to my love for makeup. I also wanted to kick start some kind of freelance career and get my name and work out there for reference. My first beauty post was 020808 on Xanga and my first post on was 082008. With a few breaks here and there, I've now comitted to trying to have a new post everyday. Big or small, at least something for my readers and lurkers. :)


Tammy said...

lol...seems like everyone who is truly beauty obsessed started at a young age!!

Vanessa M. said...

omg love it!!!