Thursday, October 15, 2009

Julep's Girls' Night Out For The Cure + NOTW

Some of you remember my post about Julep's Girlfriends' Night Out For The Cure at the Bellevue location right? Well, last night was the event and I had a wonderful time! :) I got mostly pics of items, rather than the event because #1 I didn't want to bother patrons and #2 I didn't feel like asking to take pics. Eeeps...embarrassed.

Ready to go! My look lately has been LOTS of black with some color. In honor of the evening, I went with a healthy dose of PINK along with my basic black leggings and favorite leather biker jacket. Funny tidbit about the jacket - this is from 6 years ago & it is an XS. My gf Gi snagged one and I had to have one. Well, this was the LAST one and only $50. So I can barely zip it shut around the girls, so if it's cold, I throw a scarf around my neck. Hahaha! Oh the things we do for fashion! It is one of the best items I've invested in since it is buttery soft leather. pleather jackets for me. Anyway....

Here is the spread of food & drink that they provided. I tried, 1 OF EVERYTHING. And I went back for 2nds. :p I also allowed myself to indulge in 2 glasses of wine.
Desserts and snacks - they had TROPHY cupcakes! Nom, nom, nom! I ate before I got my treatments done. I wanted to make sure I had my fill before the food was all gone!

For my 2 treatments, I chose to have a polish change and chair massage. Polish change first, then on to my 20 minute chair massage after waiting for a moment. I was so relaxed during the massage, but like all massage, MORE is better! :) I had the chance to talk to the Parlor manager Monique who told me that DT Seattle's event was packed & they even ran out of food and wine! They learned from that incident and made sure there was plenty for Bellevue's festivities. She also told me that they are having a DJ at the U-district event. Cool!

They had information on breast health & some nail polishes on display. Funny thing about that bowl of nail polish, we THINK they were free. At least I hope they were! Some other ladies were grabbing them, so I did too! I met a cute gal named Jacqueline who worked at Lululemon in Bellevue Square. We chopped it up while I was waiting for my turn at the chair massage & I wish I got a picture of her awesome track jacket! It was HOT PINK. Loves! I didn't get a chance to say bye to her, but I'll be visiting her at Lululemon to get one of those jackets!

Nails did! Susan + Holly as the odd one out. :) The gal who did my last mani Erica was working the event, so of course I had to have her do my nails again! We got caught up and I told her that I would be scheduling my future nail visits with her. She is such a sweetheart!

Swag Bag!

The bags included a full size bottle of their Refresh Lotion, Declor skincare samples, candies, supplements and tons of coupons from shops & businesses offering discounts on services.

There's even a coupon for 50% eyelash extensions at Julep! If any of you ladies in WA want this coupon, let me know and I will mail it to you! This is good until 12/31/09.

I really hope I didn't 5 finger these. I saw some other gals picking them up, so I did the same. And you know how freaking Rollolazo I am, I had to grab more than 1. I'm going to give my Mommy Penelope and my Sissy Kelly.

Swatches: Holly, Kelly, Penelope, Mandy

My gf Lani had asked for me to join her on the last Girlfriends Night Out For The Cure on 10/28 at their U-district location, so I'm going to go again! I managed to convince my bff Myra to come along too. All for the cure and what a great way to get friends together for some much needed pampering. ;) Next week's event is at the Gig Harbor location, so if any of you southenders are interested, check out Julep's Website to buy tickets!


Lani said...

Yeah!!! You and My are coming? Maybelle is going and I am picking up my mama too..since she is a survivor! YEAH! Evening out with the girls and my mama!

Kate Gene said...

Hello, fellow Seattle-lite!

I've always wanted to get a Julep mani/pedi... I'm jealous that you go on a regular basis! :)

The event looked like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

P. S. I would have taken a nail polish too. LOL!

Rhondalei G. said...

Kate Gene - You should indulge in a mani sometime at Julep! I am overdue for some pampering. :) The event was fun and it was great that my friends and I were helping out a great cause while having a good time.