Sunday, September 13, 2009

More MAC Lippies! Hello Kitty & Rose Romance Color Stories

Yet another post about lippies! Hmmm...I'm tempted to take a picture of my entire lippy collection, but I won't. That would happen when I'm trying to deter myself from buying anymore, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Ha! I picked up a few items from the Hello Kitty for MAC and Rose Romance color stories that I haven't had a chance to use or swatch.

Hello Kitty for MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster. I have issues with putting my finger into lip products. It makes me squeamish, but I still buy them. Haha! And how could I resist my ultimate fave Hello Kitty? But it really did take me awhile to dip my finger into that pot. This has the same familiar vanilla scent that most of the MAC lippies have and has great pigment! The color makes my mouth a nice soft, watermelon pout. And the plus, this has SPF 15! I think this item will stay tucked in my collection for awhile and I'll probably start using this with a retractable lip brush when the time comes. No finger in pot!

I picked up the Hello Kitty Sweet Strawberry Lipglass for me and for Ms. B. More so for Ms. B since they didn't get any Hello Kitty for MAC cosmetics in Thailand! If some of you can remember that far back, the Hello Kitty line sold out pretty quickly. I ordered most of my items online and picked up only a couple of things at the counter since I couldn't at Nordstrom the day it unveiled. The color is actually a darker fuchsia on and makes my lips look so juicy!

Virgin Kiss was one of those random purchases that I picked up during the Rose Romance color story. This color is similar to my fave Love Nectar, but it does not have the golden flecks of shimmer. Rather it has more of pink shimmer. I plan on using this when my Love Nectar runs out, but when this runs out, I'll be picking up more Love Nectar. You like what you like right?

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