Monday, September 14, 2009

Last Of The Great April BKK Haul

I thought I should hurry up and finish blogging about my Great April BKK Haul before the next one comes in! Should be any day now and I'm very excited to see what goodies Ms. B has packed in to this package! This haul has been one of the greatest so far and I wish I could have done some EOTD/FOTDs with all of these products already. You'll be seeing these items again in future posts! There was also a Rexona Activereserve anti-perspirant/deodorant sample that I stashed in my car for those moments when I forget to put on some pit stick or need some freshening up. Haha!

4U2 Brilliant Lipstick in 04. A very pretty magenta lipstick that is very pigmented and has a soft finish.

4U2 Diamond Eyeshadow in 42. Beautiful copper shades. She has sent me other colors of this brand and I love them! The downfall of these shadows is that they are soft in texture and have a tendency of breaking during shipment. :\ I was happy to see this duo was intact since she hand carried this package from Bangkok. ;)

IN2IT Waterproof Eye Colour in Striking. This trio is perfect for Fall! Plum, Cream and Navy Blue. I will probably use the Cream with either the Plum or the Navy Blue and not all 3 at the same time. That could change though. Let me play around with them.

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer in Nectar. Such a gorgeous nude! This really does stay put, even with the thick top coat. I took a sip of water and there was no color transfer at all! This being a long wear lipstick, you will need a good make up remover to get this off.

L'Chear Water Proof Eyeliner. Yes, ENGRISH!
"Sparkle glamours effect let eyes more charming! Super fine eyeliner with exiguous hair can draw the most fashion diamond eye dressing of this year. Easily dram in crinkle eyelid or use on lashes to creat a dreamy flash effect."
I'll probably use this on the tips of my lashes to add some sparkle when I go out. ;)

The cutest Hello Kitty contact lens case EVER! I don't think I can open it because its so darned cute!

BB Creams that I can't wait to try once I I fade back to my pudaw skin tone! I hope these BB creams work well with my skin tone then!

Jelly Lenses!

Here is a shot of my eyeball taken with the Close Up Jelly Lens on my BB Pearl. Pretty cool!
And here is a sicky, sicky me in bed with my cuddle buddy make up next to me. Taken with the Fish Eye Jelly Lens. :p


Blissey168 said...

love the close up pic of your eye! I love taking pigs with my jelly lens :) oh and you are one good lookin' sick person! Haha

lookrichbitch said...

my cousin just bought me some BB cream from hong kong! i look ghostly cos it's so light! i'm waiting til my tan fades too. hehe.

what is that jelly lens?? i don't get it.

Rhondalei G. said...

LRB - My face is already getting lighter! But my body is still dark. Arrggh! I'll probably start using these in the dead of winter. The Jelly Lenses are small lenses you can use with your camera phone. I have the close up lense and fish eye lense. Pretty cool, but my Pearl camera is CRAP! I need to pick up a new BB.

Rhondalei G. said...

Ms. B - Haha! I was sick with make up on. Oh the wonders of being a girl and lookin' aight, but sounded like crap! ;p