Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marshall's Score!

I've come across some awesome deals lately and this is my newest find! Many of you beauty bloggers out there have had some luck finding beauty items at this discount retailer. One of my fave hair care lines is Sexy Hair by Michael O'Rourke and am especially fond of the Healthy Sexy Hair in Pumpkin scent. This has been my fall scent for the past 2 years thanks to my bestie Cat. Everytime I lather and condition, this reminds me of sweet pumpkin pie.
I got 64 oz each of Pumpkin Rehydrating Shampoo and Pumpkin Conditioner for $19.99 each! SCORE! This should last me through the fall and winter easily. :) The only downfall is that the containers are huge and I have to put these on opposite corners of my shower. Hey, for $20 bux each, that is a minor problem I'll be glad to deal with.

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