Monday, September 7, 2009

Julep Nail Parlor

I have heard great reviews about Julep Nail Parlor from one of my besties and had to experience this for myself! They are open today, Labor Day, at the Bellevue & University District locations, so if you're in need of some pampering, check them out today!

From the website:

Clean & Green Commitment
Proud To Be Environmentally Conscious Germ-A-Phobes!
Sterilization is the only means of killing bacteria (and bacterial spores), viruses and funguses. That’s why Julep follows "triple sterilization" procedures.

We sterilize all metal implements in the same high temperature autoclave hospitals and dentist offices use. Implements are sterilized in a sealed sterile pouch that is opened at the beginning of your treatment.

Implements that can't be sterilized are sent home with you to maintain your manicure/pedicure between visits. Each time you bring your take-home implements back for use reuse at Julep, we’ll donate $1 to The Nature Conservancy on your behalf.

How great is that? Not only is the facility CLEAN, they are also giving back to charities on the CUSTOMER's behalf.

Not only do they do manicures & pedicures, but facials, waxing, tinting and eyelash extensions as well.

They have an assortment of great and good for you products. Their vernis does not contain any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene. I picked up 2 bottles of the vernis for $5.75 each and a bottle of the cuticle oil for $8.25 to keep in my make up bag. The drier fall/winter weather mangles my cuticles and dries out the webs of my fingers, so having the roll-on cuticle oil on-hand will help keep my hands looking pretty. ;)

I have been JL for a few months now and have curbed my pampering services, but decided to treat myself to a manicure & pedicure before my 30th birthday celebration. I booked the Porch Manicure & Pedicure 75 minute session which includes: Nail shaping, cuticle grooming, massage, Julep™ lotion and polish. I booked my appointment ONLINE. Unheard of at most of the nail salons I go to. That was such a perk to see what available appointments were and who would be providing the services. I wasn't able to book an early appointment in the morning, but was able to get one at 4:00 PM. Just enough time to head home and get ready for my 9:00 PM reservation.

I wandered around the mall in search of some new shoes, but didn't find a single pair so I headed to Julep to get checked in early. Like a 1/2 hour early! The salon itself is clean, minimal, but not far from fab. There are only 10 stations where vernisseurs can work on clients. The gals at the front desk greet you and check you in. You have a choice of ice water or hot tea to sip on while you wait and while you get your services done. Get this, they even serve alcohol! If you want a glass of wine or champagne, they have a few that you can select from! Oh, but it doesn't stop there. You can order some small bites and even a mini meal to enjoy while you're relaxing & getting pampered!

The chair you are seated on is ergonomic and even the leg rest that holds the basin for your feet to soak is adjustable to suit each individual. If you're chilly, they have blankets and neck rests to help make you as comfortable as possible. For a few moments during my pedi, I actually dozed off. Fatiha was very attentive and asked if the pressure was ok or she was hurting me. She was surprised at how soft the soles of my feet were and I told her I scrub with a pumice stone and moisturize! She told me, "Good girl." Haha! NO GRAY HEEL EVER! Even inbetween pedis! She noticed my nail beds were slightly worn and I admitted that I had acrylics a few months back. She said my nails were great and that I shouldn't ever apply them again. I actually made the decision prior to my trip to Julep to stop ravaging my nails with acrylics and keep them naturally short and polished from now on. :) I wanted the color Dolly for my tips and toes, just as my gf Cat had applied. Its a creamy, neon pink. But I had an odd request, to make my ring finger another color and for this I chose a pretty teal dubbed Kirsten. She asked if there was any significance and I assured her that there wasn't going to be any new accessory on that finger anytime soon. Just something I wanted to do. Odd one out.

Dolly on the piggies!
Dolly on the tips with the ring finger on the left hand in Kirsten.

Julep also has monthly membership programs where each member can take advantage of some serious savings on all of the services! You also get some additional discounts & deals if you're a member and you follow them on Facebook & Twitter. I joined the pdq (pretty darn quick) club.

PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) Club $18/month
Enjoy one PDQ manicure or brow wax each month (rolls over if unused).
Additional PDQ manicures or brow wax treatments are just $14.
Fabulous member pricing on all other services.

The prices at Julep are a bit higher than your cheap, strip mall nail joint, but you're paying for quality service and a CLEAN, GERM FREE mani/pedi! Well worth the extra $ to me since some of my friends have gotten infections from those cheap nail places. I've decided to allow myself this indulgence since we all need something that can help keep our sanity in tact right?

If you're in WA state, I would highly suggest booking an appointment with them for an amazing experience!

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