Sunday, September 6, 2009

MAC Sugarsweet Collection - Shadestick in Red Velvet & Tricolour Lipglass in Tasty

When my girl Tiffy was still @ Nordy's MAC, she would always help me choose which new products from the current collection I should have. Oh Tiffy! Always tempting me with new pretty things & I love her for that! This was a grab & go day where she pointed and I grabbed & bought. Two items from the Sugarsweet Collection that she thought I should have were the Red Velvet Shadestick and Tasty Tricolour Lipglass. The other colors and products were similar to things I have in my collection already, but these were different and I had to add these!

I really like MAC's Shadesticks and have a few in my collection. Red Velvet, like my favorite cupcake is a creamy, metallic magenta. I will have to work on an EOTD for this one. Magentas & Reds are hard to pull off sometimes and can look like you've been rubbing your eyelids if you don't concoct a good combo of other shadows and liners.

The Tricolour Lipglass in Tasty is different in package, but not different in product. The same familiar vanilla Lipglass, but in 3 different colors in 1 tube. The outcome is a light & shimmery pink dose of color. I would really like to just mix up all 3 colors already, but that would completely ruin it! I don't know if I want to use it or not, but what's the point of having something if you don't use it right?

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