Thursday, August 13, 2009

The ultimate traincase!

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Pro Rolling Pink Makeup Case TS-46 $170

I actually received this traincase as a present for Christmas from someone *cough*theex*cough* I had been eyeing this prior to me getting it. Sneaky bastard was inquiring about what I was looking at one day while I was online. Funny thing is, when he brought out this big box, I was thinking it the pink Dyson I have been wanting FOREVER. Haha! I was wrong, but oh well, still an awesome prezzie!

This is my case packed for a gig I did for 7 salon. It was hard not to put EVERYTHING that I have in here. This was already at least 20 lbs once I had it put together. I was the ONLY MUA with a rolling traincase. Even the MAC pro liked it. :) Hopefully I can get myself motivated enough to pursue more freelance gigs and work on more dramatic looks.

For now, this holds some of my collection. I want to keep it rather empty and fill it according to the work that I will be doing. It was a mess taking everything out and filling it back up! If you ladies are looking for high quality traincases, is a great site to start out at! I actually have a Sephora case that is similar to the Pro Black Aluminum Makeup Case TS-90 listed on the site that I love and use to house the products I use on more of a daily basis. It keeps everything tidy, organized and stored in a cool, dark place. :)

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Blissey168 said...

OMG I'm so jealous! I checked out this traincase before and told G to buy it for me (please).... he was like, "Can't I just buy you a Husky tool box?" LOL.

Anyhoo, good to hear that you are doing some freelance gigs! So exciting!!! ^_^ You have to do my makeup the next time I'm in town kay? hehe