Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Deal! Crest Whitestrips Premium

I am always up for a good bargain! As much as I love my high-end stores, I frequent discount retailers as well. One of my fave stops is Big Lots. They have a selection of overruns & discontinued items. You can sometimes find some beauty items, but I haven't had much luck lately. What I did find however was this:

A double pack of Crest White Strips Premium and Vivid White toothpaste for a whopping:

That's right...$35! A package of strips on their own is around $25 at a regular retailer like Target. I've tried other brands of whitening strips/trays but like the results that I get with Crest. The Premium line of Whitestrips whitens your grin in 7 days. 30 mins x twice a day = a more brilliant smile. Works for me! Ideally, I would love to get veneers on my top row of teeth to correct a chip that my sister gave me when I was 6. For now, I have bonding that isn't as white as I want it to be and chips often. Thank goodness for my Aunt & Uncle that own a dental clinic and I can get it replaced whenever need be. Another great find @ Big Lots! Don't knock discount stores until you set foot and do some digging for yourself. You may be surprised!

I whiten my teeth whenever I feel like they're getting discolored from smoking & drinking red wine, teas & colas. Well this time around, I'm trying to stay away from social smoking and quit the habit totally and this is one of my ways of getting that to happen! My parents spent a fortune on corrective dentistry (braces for 10 years!) and the last thing I should be doing is smoking. Bad habit I picked up in college and hopefully I can stay away from yosi from now on. :) I'm going on a week now since I've touched one!

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