Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Refreshing Mask! Boots Acerola Cherry & Red Wine Mask

Sundays are my maintenance days. I give myself a mani/pedi, deep condition and I try to do facial masks when I do remember. With the weather being hot to cold to hot again, my skin hates me, especially my sensitive skin. Clogged pores, breakouts, white/black heads & increased sweat & sebum production. YUCK! Must detox! This week I decided to try one that Ms. B had sent me - Boots' Acerola Cherry & Red Wine.

This mask is an anti-ageing facial mask for ageing skin. This mask revitalizes and smoothes for hydrated and healthier skin.

"With natural extracts of acerola cherry and redwine, Boots facial mask is specially formulated to visibly reduce fine lines and help protect skin against environmental damage, whilst hydrating, leaving skin feeling revitalised and looking healthier."

I haven't tried any Boots brand skincare products, but I have had the chance to enjoy some lippies that Ms. B has sent. Based out of England, Boots is a worldwide distributed brand and can be found here in the states in Target stores. This mask was actually made in Thailand!

The mask smells DELICIOUS! Really reminds me of fruit punch which I love, love, love! This was definitely pleasant to have on, but I hate the waiting part! The directions state: "Apply after cleansing onto skin, pressing down well on the edges of the mask. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Use 1 or 2 times a week." Most of the time when I do masks, I take a quick nap. Be sure to set an alarm before you end up falling asleep and forgetting to take the mask off!

Refreshed and glowing! I would definitely recommend this mask to you ladies and possibly try this chilled from the fridge. :)

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