Thursday, August 20, 2009

NARS - The Love Set

Damn first SANGLE Valentine's Day in YEARS. I've been boo'd up on V-day for the past 6 years...2 different guys. =x Well, this year was completely different, but what wasn't different was buying small gifts for ME. One year, I even went to Tiffany's to buy my own necklace. Came home & L interrogated me as to how I acquired that new necklace. Well, I bought it for myself since you didn't. Ooooo...burn. LoL! Well, he did spoil me after that so I can't complain. :)

I bought the above pink mini to bring with me on the go. Mo-blogging, Mo-FBing, Mo-Twittering etc. Does its purpose and fits nicely in the Louis. :) The HK lipgloss and kicks were just a couple of my favorite things at the moment when I snapped the pic along with the Pinky lappy.

And I had pick this set up - NARS' The Love Set. LTD for $50 @ Sephora. Armed with Pillow Talk, Orgasm and Sex Machine, all that is missing from this set is a vibe. Hahah! I love how some of the color names are lewd. HOT!

A light swatch of Orgasm. One of the best selling blushes out there. I usually wear Deep Throat since it has a bit more pigment to it and would probably use Orgasm when my summer darkness fades. NARS blush is buildable in color, so I can wear this now, but I choose not to. It will look much prettier when I'm pudaw.

Sex Machine on its own. Pretty, but...

I like it better with Pillow Talk lip gloss on top. Perfectly pink pout. Loves!

What is also pretty is Pillow Talk on its own.

I already own a couple of NARS lipglosses, Turkish Delight (oh hey KimK's fave!) and Orgasm. These glosses are thick, but not too sticky and the color lasts! Sex Machine is my first NARS matte lip pencil and I like it! I should start wearing this duo now since the upcoming fall trend is back to DARK. HAUTE, but no guy ever likes smooching with bright or dark lippies. :\ Deal with it fellas! I hope to see more coffrets like this from NARS this holiday season.

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Love your new netbook! :)