Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FOTD: Easy Tuesday & Reviews: Eyemake Mirror, Red Earth Illuminating Cream Blush in Summer Love & Vogue Street Area Lipgloss in 2

A post for Tuesday from last Tuesday's look of the day. Lazy day. Let my hair air dry, but I wanted to at least have a polished look with my face and try out some more goodies from my last haul from Ms. B.

Since I've been on summer "vacation," my Tuesdays are spent running errands and then having dinner with my family at my parent's house. I make Tuesday's my errands day since I have to drive about 40 minutes from home and there are several stops I can make inbetween to maximize my time out and not to mention leave less of a carbon footprint. I'm trying to be a bit more green, oh and the fact that gas is EXPENSIVE is helping that effort. Premium averages around $3.10 here in Sammamish, WA. Thank goodness for those inbetween fill ups I do at Safeway which saves a pretty penny.

I happened to go to HH on a whim with some friends after dinner, so I'm glad that I had a decent outfit on (gray deep-v t, black leggings and my fave Italian leather boots) and a pretty face to go out after hanging with my family. ;)

What I used:

MAC StudioFix in NC42
Red Earth Illuminating Cream Blush in Summer Love on the apples of my cheeks

Primed eyelids with UDPP
MAC Provence pigment all over lid
MAC Time & Space in crease
MAC Evening Aura to highlight
MAC Powersurge Eye Kohl on upper and lower lashline
Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Soft Black - 2x coats on the top and 1x on the bottom lashes

Vogue Street Area Lipgloss in 2

More treats from BKK!
Top: Red Earth Illuminating Cream Blush set. Left: Eyemake Mirror. Right Vogue Street Area Lipgloss in 2

Eyemake Mirror

I still don't understand how to use this mirror based on the photos on the insert.
Hee hee...I do like how it says, "I hope you like it" It is cute and it is PINK! :)
But sadly, this is about all I can do with it since I am cross eyed trying to use it like the drawings illustrate. Hahah!

Red Earth Illuminating Cream Blush in Summer Love

There were 2 colors of cream blush in this set and Summer Love is more visible on my tanned, summer skin. :)

The brush that comes with the set fits exactly into these pots and picks up & distributes the color nicely. What's nice about this cream blush is that the pigment is light and buildable. Most cream blushes that I have come across are highly pigmented and start off strong. Too strong for my liking, but these are soft and come out very natural. Sometimes I just need a touch of color on the apples of my cheeks and this works wonderfully to achieve that. Cream blush is good for those with normal to dry skin. I wouldn't recommend this for those who have a bit more sebum since the color might just slip easily.

Vogue Street Area Lipgloss in 2

I love how my nails matched the gloss! I have China Glaze's Burnt Buns on my tips. What a great match!
Yes! Korean make up! I looooove brands that I cannot find here in the States. Its funny because Ms. B misses the drugstore brands she can get stateside, so we're fulfilling each other's lemmings with every package!
You already know there is going to be a full helping of Engrish on the package!
Whoa, where did the hot guy come from?! You couldn't see him with the blister pack over the cardboard back. Hahah! Hella intense.
Cool younger sister of the street area? For my Ilokanos...gayem ti igid ti kalsada? Oh no.
Full of magic power? My kind of gloss!
Look how bright that is! I LOVE IT! Its a cherry red with flecks of sparkle. The scent is like honey and it is tasty! Not too sticky like MAC Lipglass can be, but sticky enough to get your hair stuck in it. :[ Don't apply gloss and then drive with all the windows down. I have gloss all over my sunglasses.
Pretty, LITTLE pout. Hahah! So pretty by itself. I still have to try this layered over some lipstick or even some liner. I'm thinking with either red shade or perhaps see what the effect is when I line and fill my lips in with MAC's Spice and top this over it.

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Blissey168 said...

I know, "Full of Magic Power", who can resist that! haha :p The color looks so good on you... I have one too but the color was a bit too strong for me (since I'm super pale -_-). I'm glad you like the stuff I got you!!! And the mirror thing, don't worry about it, I still don't know how to use it either! LOL

BTW you look so skinny, damn you! hahaha. LOVE your hair color too.... I might have to visit my colorist soon!