Monday, August 17, 2009

Mookie Nails Round #1

*UPDATE:* Didn't even last 24 hours. 2 fell off while washing my face. LoL! I think I'll just stick to wearing these when I go out cuz Leilei doesn't roll out like that. Love 'em Ms. B, but its all good! I still have 2 more packs that I can rock on nights out! xoxox

I like wearing gaudy, ornately done up nails when I go out, but I actually glued these suckers on this evening. Haha! Ms. B sent me 3 packs of fun nails aka what I call Mookie Nails. Hood, but so fun! I can't seem to find my Japanese style decorated nails that I bought last year which are 10x more overly done up than these! Haha! We'll see how long these last since I use my hands and nails a lot...that's what he said.

This pack came with 12 nails and glue. The glue was jank so I used some other nail glue I had. I cleaned off my old polish and filed my nails down. Then I filed each nail individually to fit my nail bed better. I put down a coat of clear to help keep the gems from falling off.

And voila! Super kawaii! Super chio!! hella trendy. Definitely ridiculous, but I'm not working right now so I can rock these.

Am I a fan of press-on/glue-on nails? Not necessarily, but they are a fun option to use when you're dressing up in costume or going out. I normally get acrylics, but with the JL situation, I cut out that expense in the mean time. I love getting my nails done since the fresh manicure look lasts. There's something just lovely about having a perfectly manicured hand around...that's what he said. Ok, enough of the garampingat references. ;p

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Blissey168 said...

Super Kawaii! :) You want more? :) hehe