Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lipgloss Review: Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Lipgloss in Peach

I'm kind of sad because I think I might have lost this lipgloss during Thursday night's debauchery at Baltic aka Bartek Room. :( *sigh* I hope its rolling around somewhere in the car! On to the review!

From the website, this gloss is described as, "Medium coverage color with a soft shine. Designed to match any complexion for naturally lush lips. Delicious butterscotch scent complements the gloss and sweetens the senses."

Natural Cream Lipgloss comes in 8 shades ranging from nude, rose and brown.


Quoting one of my faves from Rick Ross, "Burnin' butter got it smellin' like its butterscotch."

I snagged this @ Walgreens for $7 BOGO of course. One for me & one for Ms. B. I chose Peach for myself and LOVE the color and coverage! It has a nice consistency along with a the butterscotch scent. Like any gloss, you SHOULD have smooth, flake free lips to have the best application. This one will not be cute if your pucker isn't. This gloss isn't too sticky and has a soft shine, a very natural look. Perfect for those low key days.

I probably won't be repurchasing this gloss since I have way too many already, but this was definitely a good purchase & if I still have it, I'll probably keep this in my work make up kit. If you're looking for a more natural take on gloss, then this is one for you to buy. With the color range, there is one that would suit women of all skin colors.

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