Monday, August 10, 2009

Thailand Product Review: Fresh & Dry Oil Hello Kitty Clear Film & Lip Balm and Le Sasha Seaweed Hair Vitamin Serum Capsule & a LOSS

Remember this package?

I'm finally getting around to digging into the products! Geeze...hella late & I totally apologize Ms. B! First off, I want to call a loss that I only realized was missing now.

These lighted tweezers were STOLEN during my Cabo trip. Long story short, lock your stuff up when partying. These tweezers were AWESOME because they had a small LED light so you could see every teeny hair that needed to be plucked! How I missed this being gone for about 2 months now is beyond me. Sad, sad, loss! To that gal that jacked my stuff, bad juju to those who have sticky fingers!

Moving on...

Fresh & Dry Oil Clear Film & Lipbalm
Ms. B knows how I absolutely adore Hello Kitty and indulges me in that addiction with HK products! She has already sent me a pack of HK blotting film, which I still haven't opened, its too darn cute! I may just give in and pack these along in my clutch when I go out and put in a request for me from her. Hee hee!

See the cute Hello Kitty detail on the film? :)

These are similar to oil blotting film we have here in the States. Effective in clearing up that shine without adding any product on your face. I'm not fond of blot powders, especially if you're out at a bar where it can get hot and humid.

Fresh & Dry Lipbalm with Tomato Extracts

What was included in this set was a cute lipbalm! On the label it states that it contains tomato extracts. For the antioxidant properties? Hmmm? Well, nonetheless, it is a cute lippy with a faint apple scent. This will be my new before bedtime lippy that will stay posted on my nightstand!

Le Sasha Seaweed Hair Vitamin Serum Capsules

First off, I should have asked Ms. B if this was an after or before shampoo treatment because the words on the package are in Thai and my Google search didn't produce anything about the company. Ah well! Most hair serums are products you use AFTER you shampoo so I'm hoping my guess is right. Inside these cute little capsules is a clear product similar to my favorite Biosilk. These little babies have enough for longer hair and I would have actually just applied 1/2 of the contents to my hair. First off, the scent is fresh, but quite strong. The scent reminds me of a unisex cologne, not really totally fem, but slightly masculine. It is interesting and is growing on me. Noticeably my hair has a nice gloss to it without a heavy feel. Seaweed has been a top au naturel ingredient in haircare aiding in hydrating and improving shine. So far I like the results on dry hair and will try using this on damp hair, then blowdrying to compare the difference.


Blissey168 said...

Haha yes, the hair serum goes on AFTER the shampoo... I apply it after I towel dry my hair, and then I blow dry or straighten it. With this serum, I notice that my hair is lot shiner and softer after I iron them (compared to not using it).

And about the tweezer, no worries, I can send you another one if you'd like! Please lemme know!

Anonymous said...

i also would lke to buy the serum...can u tell me from which website can i do so as im frm mauritius