Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For my Tiffy - Ardell Babies & Luvies

Especially for you my Tiffy! She needed suggestions for cheap lashes to wear everyday that felt and looked natural. I suggested Ardell Babies and Luvies, 2 of my favorites from the Invisiband line. Both are a demi lash and fit well for those who have smaller eyes. I tend to cut my strip bands to fit, but these need no trimming at all. These are about $4 @ Sally Beauty, but you can also purchase these online. I haven't ordered from this site Madame Madeline but I have seen other beauty blogger babes order from this site with fantastic reviews.

The Babies have a varying short & long length that add that extra pop without going over the top.

The Luvies have a fan shape that add length and volume.

These are both great for everyday use since they are light and not too dramatic and I highly recommend the Invisiband line! Use Duo's Surgical Adhesive to apply your lashes...always! Its the best! :)

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