Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nivea Touch Of Happiness Moisturizing Body Wash

Funny story about when I bought this. My gf and I had thought it was LOTION. She unfortunately found out the hard way when she put this on while driving! She had to wait until she got to her destination to wash it off. LoL! She text me that the "lotion" we bought was in fact BODY WASH. I took this out of my car with a quickness before I or someone else slathered this on. Note to self: READ the label BEFORE you buy! Well, at least I got to try out a new product!

The website describes this as a, "...silky cream-gel with nourishing bamboo essence gives you incredibly soft skin while cleansing very mildly. Its indulging intense lathering formula is enriched with energizing orange blossom scent to awaken your senses."

This was sitting at the cash wrap at Walgreen's for a whopping $0.99! I grabbed one and sniffed it, mmmmm kinda smells like Tang! This has an orange blossom scent with bamboo essence. Fancy! I know Nivea for their skincare line and know that my sensitive skin can handle their products. The body wash lathers up well and left my skin feeling clean and smooth. No tightness like some other washes and soaps can leave behind. The bottle does say that this foams without a pouf, but I still like using my loofah to exfoliate.

Overall, Nivea has produced a great body wash! One factor that does deter me is the cost. A 16.9 fl oz bottle runs about $5.50. I'm frugal when it comes to drugstore body wash and refuse to pay more than $3.50 for a bottle. I will definitely repurchase this bodywash, if its on sale.

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